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PBC News & Comment: Bill Binney Takes Smears in Stride, Fights For Truth

Former NSA tech director Bill Binney has been widely smeared by promoters of Russiagate, says the attacks reveal media bias….–in our new in-depth interview, Binney responds directly to media smears, and explains why DNC files were leaked, not hacked

–Binney’s appearances on RT, Fox and Alex Jones are used to smear him, and Justice Dept has ordered RT to register as foreign agent, prompting Russian retaliation

–Donna Brazile’s book title is Hacks, which can also refer to the people at DNC; she and Elizabeth Warren have walked back comments that primary was “rigged”

–at ConsortiumNews, Robert Parry finds details buried in UN report showing that “sarin victims” were already at hospitals when Syrians bombed Khan Sheikoun

–Mike Flynn is likely to be indicted soon by Mueller probe, reports The Guardian

–rumors of impending war swirl in Lebanon, as resigned prime minister may be stuck in Riyadh with the Beirut blues

–Saudi Arabia warns its citizens to leave Lebanon, and partially lifts its blockade of Yemen as starvation spreads

–release of Paradise Papers reveals that the rich don’t pay taxes, and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) pens op-ed with some plans to change that


–the Weinstein wave of sex crime revelations continues:

–Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore uses revelations for fundraising, as Trump says he should step aside if charges are true

–Paul Waldman notes that Trump’s line is GOP talking point, and that Trump has lowered standards and led Republicans to ignore obvious wrongdoing

–hours after Moore revelations, Senate passes resolution requiring sex harassment prevention training for staff and senators

–gay journalist says Rolling Stone’s Jann Wenner offered him work in exchange for sex

–Louis C.K. admits that his accusers are telling the truth, issues apology

–25 years after defrocking a priest, Brooklyn diocese names Jaime Lara as serial pedophile, and Lara resigns from Arizona State

–a Facebook friend shares his hatred for people who didn’t vote for Clinton

–Nashville filmmaker David Earnhardt releases new video of Shelbyville event where about 150 white supremacists were met with 750 counter-protesters; watch Shelbyville Says NO here