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PBC News & Comment: Bill Binney Takes Smears in Stride, Fights For Truth

Former NSA tech director Bill Binney has been widely smeared by promoters of Russiagate, says the attacks reveal media bias….--in our new in-depth interview, Binney responds directly to media smears, and explains why DNC files were leaked, not hacked

--Binney’s appearances on RT, Fox and Alex Jones are used to smear him, and Justice Dept has ordered RT to register as foreign agent, prompting Russian retaliation

--Donna Brazile’s book title is Hacks, which can also refer to the people at DNC; she and Elizabeth Warren have walked back comments that primary was “rigged”

--at ConsortiumNews, Robert Parry finds details buried in UN report showing that “sarin victims” were already at hospitals when Syrians bombed Khan Sheikoun

--Mike Flynn is likely to be indicted soon by Mueller probe, reports The Guardian

--rumors of impending war swirl in Lebanon, as resigned prime minister may be stuck in Riyadh with the Beirut blues

--Saudi Arabia warns its citizens to leave Lebanon, and partially lifts its blockade of Yemen as starvation spreads

--release of Paradise Papers reveals that the rich don’t pay taxes, and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) pens op-ed with some plans to change that


--the Weinstein wave of sex crime revelations continues:

--Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore uses revelations for fundraising, as Trump says he should step aside if charges are true

--Paul Waldman notes that Trump’s line is GOP talking point, and that Trump has lowered standards and led Republicans to ignore obvious wrongdoing

--hours after Moore revelations, Senate passes resolution requiring sex harassment prevention training for staff and senators

--gay journalist says Rolling Stone’s Jann Wenner offered him work in exchange for sex

--Louis C.K. admits that his accusers are telling the truth, issues apology

--25 years after defrocking a priest, Brooklyn diocese names Jaime Lara as serial pedophile, and Lara resigns from Arizona State

--a Facebook friend shares his hatred for people who didn’t vote for Clinton

--Nashville filmmaker David Earnhardt releases new video of Shelbyville event where about 150 white supremacists were met with 750 counter-protesters; watch Shelbyville Says NO here