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In-Depth Interview: Bill Binney Explains DNC Leak Theorem, Responds to Media Smears

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Former NSA technical director Bill Binney talks about his meeting with CIA Director Pompeo, the evidence that DNC data were leaked, not hacked, and  responds without vitriol to media smears and yellow journalism.Binney and Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) issued a report in July, offering evidence of transfer speeds from DNC servers that can’t be achieved by remote hacking.  Trump asked his CIA director to look into it, and he asked Binney to Langley for an hour long meeting in the late October.

The Intercept was first to report on this meeting, with respected reporter James Risen co-authoring a biased report, starting with its headline “CIA Director Met Advocate of Disputed DNC Hack Theory–at Trump’s request.  The details of the meeting were interspersed with attacks on Binney, and descriptions of his theorem that undermine it without citing any evidence.

In this interview, we start with the details of the Pompeo meeting, a thumbnail of the technical evidence, and Binney’s insider knowledge that NSA would have evidence of a hack through their monitors at network switches worldwide–which has been established by Snowden’s leaked documents.

Then, Binney maintains a thick skin and good sense of humor, as he responds directly to the report at The Intercept, an article at NBC News by Ken Dilanian, and Rachel Maddow’s word salad of smears, delivered on her November 8 program.  Maddow felt compelled to repeat 3 times that Binney has appeared on RT and Alex Jones’ Infowars, and defines herself by pitting Binney’s credibility against the truth-tellers of the intelligence community. In response to questions, Binney reports that Maddow has never invited him on her show, neither has NBC, CBS, or ABC.  He also has not been contacted by Mueller’s special counsel investigation.