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PBC News & Comment: Trump Campaign’s Collusion With Foreign Power Exposed

Mike Flynn’s plea deal proves that Trump campaign colluded with Israel, asked Russian help in killing UN resolution on settlements….The Nation is the latest outlet to notice

–unnamed whistleblower gives evidence that Flynn was covering up a commercial deal he promoted to build nuke plants in Mideast with Russian investments

–Robert Parry’s sharp analysis shows latest NY Times Russiagate story about NRA channel to Putin undercuts the central narrative of contacts and collusion

–Olympic committee properly places steep sanctions on Russia for doping of athletes

–Russian Ministry of Justice properly names Radio Free Europe and other US propaganda outlets as “foreign agents”

ProPublica reveals that Facebook fails to catch political ads with clickbait and malware links

–Congressman Al Green, opposed by many fellow Dems, will introduce new articles of impeachment against Trump today

–Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital is reckless, arrogant and ignorant

–informed commentary from Jonathan Freedland in The Guardian, and Janine Zacharia in SF Chronicle

The Intercept finds members of Congress avoid comment on Trump’s blunder

–Time names “The Silence Breakers” as Person of the Year

–12 Senate Dems call for Franken to resign, as 7th accuser surfaces

–listener Deborah Kennedy says PBC protects creeps

–quick stats on Los Angeles wildfires, expansion of the wealth/income gap, increase in homeless population, rise in deportations, prisoners killed by Tasers

–world leaders in the news: Catalonia, Honduras, Ukraine, Lebanon

–federal grand jury indicts Zarate on same charge that San Francisco jury convicted him of last week