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PBC News & Comment: Dismal Year Ends with Abysmal Tax Cuts Passed

Republicans ignore the damage to democracy and economy , as reckless tax cuts for corporations and wealthy gains final passage today….--WashPost, owned by billionaire Bezos, slams the bill as “a win for the wealthy, the entitled and the irresponsible”

--NY Times op-ed says it show GOP’s contempt for democracy

--at state level, GOP shows contempt for democracy by overruling voter-initiated ballot measures

--Trump threatens UN members over rejection of his Jerusalem blunder

--Senate committee rejects Trump nominee for Export Import bank who had called for dismantling it

--extension of FISA law and Section 702 is on hold, as Congress races for the exits after failing to finish many important tasks

--after grilling FBI’s #2, Andrew McCabe for 8 hours, GOP chairs demand more interviews over Clinton email investigation

--Clinton loyalists cheer investigation, and smear Jill Stein, in desperation to blame Clinton loss on everyone else, as Kevin Gosztola reports

--in The Guardian, Thomas Frank has some interesting comments about Donna Brazile’s struggles with the Clinton wing of Democratic Party

--Norman Solomon, who reported on the DNC Unity Reform Commission in our recent in-depth interview, adds some truth to new film about Katherine Graham and The Post

--judge halts deportation of 92 Somalis who suffered during botched attempt last week

--judge declares mistrial in Bundy case, says government withheld evidence

--top EU court deals major blow to Uber, calling it a taxi service

--in Virginia, special election for House seat is declared a tie, after spoiled ballot is counted; coin toss—or second recount-- will determine winner

--new Bay Are study shows exposure to wireless signals leads to higher miscarriage rates in pregnant women exposed to EMF’s

--federal court blocks employers from using “religious freedom” excuse to end contraceptive coverage

--Bernard Law, the Boston cardinal who conspired with Pope Benedict to coverup many cases of pedophile priests, dies in Rome at age 86