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PBC News & Comment: Dismal Year Ends with Abysmal Tax Cuts Passed

Republicans ignore the damage to democracy and economy , as reckless tax cuts for corporations and wealthy gains final passage today….WashPost, owned by billionaire Bezos, slams the bill as “a win for the wealthy, the entitled and the irresponsible”

NY Times op-ed says it show GOP’s contempt for democracy

–at state level, GOP shows contempt for democracy by overruling voter-initiated ballot measures

–Trump threatens UN members over rejection of his Jerusalem blunder

–Senate committee rejects Trump nominee for Export Import bank who had called for dismantling it

–extension of FISA law and Section 702 is on hold, as Congress races for the exits after failing to finish many important tasks

–after grilling FBI’s #2, Andrew McCabe for 8 hours, GOP chairs demand more interviews over Clinton email investigation

–Clinton loyalists cheer investigation, and smear Jill Stein, in desperation to blame Clinton loss on everyone else, as Kevin Gosztola reports

–in The Guardian, Thomas Frank has some interesting comments about Donna Brazile’s struggles with the Clinton wing of Democratic Party

–Norman Solomon, who reported on the DNC Unity Reform Commission in our recent in-depth interview, adds some truth to new film about Katherine Graham and The Post

–judge halts deportation of 92 Somalis who suffered during botched attempt last week

–judge declares mistrial in Bundy case, says government withheld evidence

–top EU court deals major blow to Uber, calling it a taxi service

–in Virginia, special election for House seat is declared a tie, after spoiled ballot is counted; coin toss—or second recount– will determine winner

–new Bay Are study shows exposure to wireless signals leads to higher miscarriage rates in pregnant women exposed to EMF’s

–federal court blocks employers from using “religious freedom” excuse to end contraceptive coverage

–Bernard Law, the Boston cardinal who conspired with Pope Benedict to coverup many cases of pedophile priests, dies in Rome at age 86