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PBC News & Comment: Little Rocket Man Undercuts President Little Hands

In brilliant move that out-maneuvers Trump, Kim Jong-Un offers direct talks with South Korea in advance of Winter Olympics….–historian/journalist Gareth Porter recaps how Dick Cheney blocked Clinton and Rice deals with North Korea in promotion of missile defense profiteers

–Iran’s Ayatollah blames enemies for sparking protests that have left at least 20 dead

–stoked by Trump’s decision on Jerusalem, Israel’s Zionist extremists move to kill any prospect of 2-state solution

–Israel jails 16-year-old Palestinian girl, Ahed Tamimi, for slapping Israeli soldier, and mainstream media ignore evidence that soldier hit her first

–Tamimi’s mother streamed the incident on social media, and Facebook is delting 95% of accounts requested by Israeli government, Glenn Greenwald reports

–FBI sting of northern California man busted for alleged terrorism scheme was triggered by serial snitch who got $2,600 for reporting suspect’s Facebook posts

–despite dire warnings from Dems, Mueller wasn’t fired during the holidays, but FBI’s #2 Andrew McCabe is being forced out and Trump continues to meddle

–Russiagate’s leading media skeptic, Robert Parry, suffered a stroke but will press on, as he disclosed on New Year’s Eve

new leaks from anonymous spooks say Australians were first to tip CIA about Russian contacts, not the Steele dossier

WashPost columnist admits that hyped reports of Russian use of social media had “minute” impact

–WikiLeaks reveals that NY Times reporter Scott Shane gave advance tips to State Dept. source about Cablegate articles before publication

–in London Review of Books, Rutgers history professor Jackson Lears does a brilliant takedown of Russiagate

–widespread confusion of the details of GOP tax law lead taxpayers to shower money on state and local governments

–cannabis prohibition has ended in California