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PBC News & Comment: Little Rocket Man Undercuts President Little Hands

In brilliant move that out-maneuvers Trump, Kim Jong-Un offers direct talks with South Korea in advance of Winter Olympics….--historian/journalist Gareth Porter recaps how Dick Cheney blocked Clinton and Rice deals with North Korea in promotion of missile defense profiteers

--Iran’s Ayatollah blames enemies for sparking protests that have left at least 20 dead

--stoked by Trump’s decision on Jerusalem, Israel’s Zionist extremists move to kill any prospect of 2-state solution

--Israel jails 16-year-old Palestinian girl, Ahed Tamimi, for slapping Israeli soldier, and mainstream media ignore evidence that soldier hit her first

--Tamimi’s mother streamed the incident on social media, and Facebook is delting 95% of accounts requested by Israeli government, Glenn Greenwald reports

--FBI sting of northern California man busted for alleged terrorism scheme was triggered by serial snitch who got $2,600 for reporting suspect’s Facebook posts

--despite dire warnings from Dems, Mueller wasn’t fired during the holidays, but FBI’s #2 Andrew McCabe is being forced out and Trump continues to meddle

--Russiagate’s leading media skeptic, Robert Parry, suffered a stroke but will press on, as he disclosed on New Year’s Eve

--new leaks from anonymous spooks say Australians were first to tip CIA about Russian contacts, not the Steele dossier

--WashPost columnist admits that hyped reports of Russian use of social media had “minute” impact

--WikiLeaks reveals that NY Times reporter Scott Shane gave advance tips to State Dept. source about Cablegate articles before publication

--in London Review of Books, Rutgers history professor Jackson Lears does a brilliant takedown of Russiagate

--widespread confusion of the details of GOP tax law lead taxpayers to shower money on state and local governments

--cannabis prohibition has ended in California