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PBC News & Comment: Trump Considering “Small War” with Little Rocket Man

Vice reports internal White House debate over high-risk strategy involving targeted strike on North Korea to give Kim “bloody nose”–read the Vice report here

–interfering with 45’s war-porn fantasies, North and South Korean envoys met, agreed that North will attend Olympics and to continue talking

–in welcome move, Trump signs order to expand mental health care for new veterans, hoping to reduce suicide rate

–channeling Dan Ellsberg and former Sen. Mike Gravel, Dianne Feinstein goes rogue, releases transcripts of Fusion GPS interview, revealing some key details

–Trump lawyers are anticipating request by special consel Mueller to interview Trump….can he avoid perjury?

–yesterday, TrumpCo was shifting border security budgets to pay for The Wall, but today, our Stable Genius is pushing D’ and R’s to forge comprehensive bill

–the immigrant acquitted of murdering Kate Steinle is fighting double jeopardy prosecution in federal court, and he has a great lawyer

–Net Neutrality activists gain ground in Senate, hoping to use Congressional Review Act to overturn FCC action

–Supreme Court to hear voter suppression case from Ohio, where millions were purged from voter rolls

–SCOTUS also hearing case regarding legality of police searches of vehicles and garages without a warrant

–House debate continues on renewal of FISA 702 law that is abused to permit surveillance of Americans who communicate with foreigners

–also at The Intercept, Trevor Aaronson exposes the “dark side” of parallel construction to evade disclosure of evidence from illegal surveillance

–in Iran, the Ayatollah amps up criticism of Trump for protests, while Prime Minister Rouhani scolds hard-liners and empathizes with protesters

–are you pro-Oprah, or Noprah? Briahna Joy Gray’s op-ed is here