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PBC News & Comment: Trump Considering “Small War” with Little Rocket Man

Vice reports internal White House debate over high-risk strategy involving targeted strike on North Korea to give Kim “bloody nose”--read the Vice report here

--interfering with 45’s war-porn fantasies, North and South Korean envoys met, agreed that North will attend Olympics and to continue talking

--in welcome move, Trump signs order to expand mental health care for new veterans, hoping to reduce suicide rate

--channeling Dan Ellsberg and former Sen. Mike Gravel, Dianne Feinstein goes rogue, releases transcripts of Fusion GPS interview, revealing some key details

--Trump lawyers are anticipating request by special consel Mueller to interview Trump….can he avoid perjury?

--yesterday, TrumpCo was shifting border security budgets to pay for The Wall, but today, our Stable Genius is pushing D’ and R’s to forge comprehensive bill

--the immigrant acquitted of murdering Kate Steinle is fighting double jeopardy prosecution in federal court, and he has a great lawyer

--Net Neutrality activists gain ground in Senate, hoping to use Congressional Review Act to overturn FCC action

--Supreme Court to hear voter suppression case from Ohio, where millions were purged from voter rolls

--SCOTUS also hearing case regarding legality of police searches of vehicles and garages without a warrant

--House debate continues on renewal of FISA 702 law that is abused to permit surveillance of Americans who communicate with foreigners

--also at The Intercept, Trevor Aaronson exposes the “dark side” of parallel construction to evade disclosure of evidence from illegal surveillance

--in Iran, the Ayatollah amps up criticism of Trump for protests, while Prime Minister Rouhani scolds hard-liners and empathizes with protesters

--are you pro-Oprah, or Noprah? Briahna Joy Gray’s op-ed is here