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PBC News & Comment: Federal Judge Trumps Trump’s DACA Hostage Scheme

Just after the Stable Genius hosted immigration discussion with legislators, judge in San Francisco uses Trump’s tweets to overturn DACA order…–reflexively, Trump attacks the courts on Twitter

–Trump attacks Sen. Feinstein for releasing Fusion GPS transcript

–the transcript offers some new details, and also suggests that FBI was “compromised” and didn’t reveal Trump investigation before election

–longtime Trump lawyer Michael Cohen files njuisance lawsuits against Fusion GPS and Buzzfeed over the dossier

–at the Daily Beast, Spencer Ackerman joins the pack with highly speculative article about a Trump advisor’s proposal to withdraw US troops in Eastern Europe

–Senate Democrats release report arguing that there’s a pattern of Russian election meddling

–at Consortium News, JP Sottile notes how important news is ignored by MSM in favor of Trump/Russia stories

–Bannon abandoned: his patrons, the Mercers, forced him out of Breitbart as payback for his comments in Wolff expose

–Ecuador is looking for a way to find a new home for Julian Assange

–federal appeals court issues sharp ruling against gerrymandering in North Carolina, orders new map to be drawn pronto

–car alarm magnate Darrell Issa joins other Republicans retiring from Congress

–GOP pressures IRS to implement new tax law quickly, and many people who expect a bigger paycheck will see tax increases

–in Guardian op-ed, Thomas Frank nails Paul Krugman for flip-flops on the loyalty of white working class voters to the Democratic party