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PBC News & Comment: Federal Judge Trumps Trump’s DACA Hostage Scheme

Just after the Stable Genius hosted immigration discussion with legislators, judge in San Francisco uses Trump’s tweets to overturn DACA order…--reflexively, Trump attacks the courts on Twitter

--Trump attacks Sen. Feinstein for releasing Fusion GPS transcript

--the transcript offers some new details, and also suggests that FBI was “compromised” and didn’t reveal Trump investigation before election

--longtime Trump lawyer Michael Cohen files njuisance lawsuits against Fusion GPS and Buzzfeed over the dossier

--at the Daily Beast, Spencer Ackerman joins the pack with highly speculative article about a Trump advisor’s proposal to withdraw US troops in Eastern Europe

--Senate Democrats release report arguing that there’s a pattern of Russian election meddling

--at Consortium News, JP Sottile notes how important news is ignored by MSM in favor of Trump/Russia stories

--Bannon abandoned: his patrons, the Mercers, forced him out of Breitbart as payback for his comments in Wolff expose

--Ecuador is looking for a way to find a new home for Julian Assange

--federal appeals court issues sharp ruling against gerrymandering in North Carolina, orders new map to be drawn pronto

--car alarm magnate Darrell Issa joins other Republicans retiring from Congress

--GOP pressures IRS to implement new tax law quickly, and many people who expect a bigger paycheck will see tax increases

--in Guardian op-ed, Thomas Frank nails Paul Krugman for flip-flops on the loyalty of white working class voters to the Democratic party