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PBC News & Comment: The Memo is Public, What’s Next?

Partisan Nunes memo goes public, accuses FBI of misleading FISA court in narrow context, hoping to unravel entire Trump/Russia narrative…--You can read the unredacted memo here, annotated by NY Times reporters

--the FISA court has been misled before, as Judge Reggie Walton complained about ”substantial misrepresentations” by NSA in 2011 ruling

--PBC comments on a range of reaction, including Trump’s repeated use of “Shameful” from a man who has no shame

--listener Linda Lewis recaps the railroading of former CIA agent Jeffrey Sterling, and draws links to the current conflict in Washington

--while we are distracted by Russiagate, White House is pressing Pentagon to offer more options for attacking North Korea

--one of our listeners in Hawaii, John Zweibel, is supporting progressive Jeff Erdmann in Minnesota congressional primary, listen to Erdmann interviewed here

--at Truthout, Michael Corcoran captures the conflict between establishment and progressives in the Democratic party

-- Aussie firebrand Caitlin Johnstone gently reminds Sanders supporters that Bernie embraces the Trump/Russia bullshit

--Steve Horn reveals ALEC’s scheme to criminalize pipeline protests, as Valve Turner Michael Foster faces sentencing Tuesday for shutting down Keystone pipeline

--San Diego lawsuit produces better outcome for ratepayers in shutdown of San Onofre nuke plant, but utilities should pay for all of it

--the Michigan judge who was so delighted to sentence Larry Nassar saw the effect, as father of victims tries to assault the predator in courtroom