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PBC News & Comment: The Memo is Public, What’s Next?

Partisan Nunes memo goes public, accuses FBI of misleading FISA court in narrow context, hoping to unravel entire Trump/Russia narrative…–You can read the unredacted memo here, annotated by NY Times reporters

–the FISA court has been misled before, as Judge Reggie Walton complained about ”substantial misrepresentations” by NSA in 2011 ruling

–PBC comments on a range of reaction, including Trump’s repeated use of “Shameful” from a man who has no shame

–listener Linda Lewis recaps the railroading of former CIA agent Jeffrey Sterling, and draws links to the current conflict in Washington

–while we are distracted by Russiagate, White House is pressing Pentagon to offer more options for attacking North Korea

–one of our listeners in Hawaii, John Zweibel, is supporting progressive Jeff Erdmann in Minnesota congressional primary, listen to Erdmann interviewed here

–at Truthout, Michael Corcoran captures the conflict between establishment and progressives in the Democratic party

— Aussie firebrand Caitlin Johnstone gently reminds Sanders supporters that Bernie embraces the Trump/Russia bullshit

–Steve Horn reveals ALEC’s scheme to criminalize pipeline protests, as Valve Turner Michael Foster faces sentencing Tuesday for shutting down Keystone pipeline

–San Diego lawsuit produces better outcome for ratepayers in shutdown of San Onofre nuke plant, but utilities should pay for all of it

–the Michigan judge who was so delighted to sentence Larry Nassar saw the effect, as father of victims tries to assault the predator in courtroom