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PBC News & Comment: Abolish the Secret FISA Court!

The Nunes Memo doesn’t vindicate Trump or end Mueller probe, but partly exposes why top-secret FISA court should be disbanded….--over the weekend, your humble host got online access to 99-page FISA Court ruling from April, 2017 detailing ongoing surveillance violations by NSA, CIA, FBI

--Greenwald notes the hypocrisy of leaders of both parties who limit concerns over due process and civil liberties to self-interests

--as FBI botched both Clinton and Trump investigations and framed more “domestic terrorism” suspects, Larry Nassar molested an additional 40 girls as FBI dawdled

--Trump and Rep. Adam Schiff trade barbs on Twitter, as Schiff presses for release of Democratic rebuttal

--Nunes promises more memos, as GOP source leaks that Sid Blumenthal may be a target

--too many secrets, too many people with access: DHS memo about Superbowl security from biological attack is left on airliner, found by CNN reporter

--my #1 suspect of Trump/Russia leaks, former CIA boss John Brennan will be paid for future leaks by NBC, Caitlin Johnstone observes

--Lawrence Wilkerson, who facilitated Colin Powell’s lies at the UN 15 years ago this week, warns that Iran is new target of lies that can lead to war 

--for over 2 years, Israel has been bombing across the Egyptian border, with OK from al-Sisi

--Israel uses the pretext of the recent murder of an illegal settler to legalize illegal settlement deep inside the West Bank

--blowback time in Syria, as US-trained and funded “Free Syrian Army” joins Turkey in attacking Kurdish militias in northern Syria

--South Korea accuses North Korea of stealing Bitcoin

--on her last day as Fed chair, Janet Yellin lowers the boom on Wells Fargo, relatively speaking

--at The Intercept, Lee Fang exposes Mitch McConnell and his wife’s ties to her family shipping company, and murky donations to Harvard

--Jon Schwarz pays tribute to the late Robert Parry