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PBC News & Comment: Abolish the Secret FISA Court!

The Nunes Memo doesn’t vindicate Trump or end Mueller probe, but partly exposes why top-secret FISA court should be disbanded….–over the weekend, your humble host got online access to 99-page FISA Court ruling from April, 2017 detailing ongoing surveillance violations by NSA, CIA, FBI

–Greenwald notes the hypocrisy of leaders of both parties who limit concerns over due process and civil liberties to self-interests

–as FBI botched both Clinton and Trump investigations and framed more “domestic terrorism” suspects, Larry Nassar molested an additional 40 girls as FBI dawdled

–Trump and Rep. Adam Schiff trade barbs on Twitter, as Schiff presses for release of Democratic rebuttal

–Nunes promises more memos, as GOP source leaks that Sid Blumenthal may be a target

–too many secrets, too many people with access: DHS memo about Superbowl security from biological attack is left on airliner, found by CNN reporter

–my #1 suspect of Trump/Russia leaks, former CIA boss John Brennan will be paid for future leaks by NBC, Caitlin Johnstone observes

–Lawrence Wilkerson, who facilitated Colin Powell’s lies at the UN 15 years ago this week, warns that Iran is new target of lies that can lead to war 

–for over 2 years, Israel has been bombing across the Egyptian border, with OK from al-Sisi

–Israel uses the pretext of the recent murder of an illegal settler to legalize illegal settlement deep inside the West Bank

–blowback time in Syria, as US-trained and funded “Free Syrian Army” joins Turkey in attacking Kurdish militias in northern Syria

–South Korea accuses North Korea of stealing Bitcoin

–on her last day as Fed chair, Janet Yellin lowers the boom on Wells Fargo, relatively speaking

–at The Intercept, Lee Fang exposes Mitch McConnell and his wife’s ties to her family shipping company, and murky donations to Harvard

–Jon Schwarz pays tribute to the late Robert Parry