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PBC News & Comment: Growing Hysteria Over Propaganda, Fake News and Bots

Detailed but far-fetched Politico report says #releasethememo tweets were “fueled by, and likely originated from, computational propaganda” from Russia….--read the Politico story here

--Brendan Nyhan at NY Times offers compelling evidence that misinfo and disinfo don’t really change people’s minds

--and WashPost, big promoter of Russian online influence, reports that most of the tweets attributed to “Russian” accounts used American news sources

--my recent Facebook post about Schnauzers led to conflict that didn’t need or involve Russians

--The Intercept goes deep on WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, exposing what we already knew about him

--also at The Intercept, Ryan Grim explains why Trump refused to meet with Rep. Rohrabacher to get WikiLeaks’ info on 2016 emails it published

--in in-depth interview with reporter Darwin BondGraham, we learn the FBI playbook on domestic threats, at least Muslim ones

--school shooter in Florida was known to FBI after tip that would’ve gone ballistic if he’d been Muslim, white nationalists say Nikolas Cruz hung out with them

--other anomalies surface, like a practice drill at the school and widespread knowledge of shooter’s instability