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In-Depth Interview: In Pennsylvania, March On Harrisburg Seeks to End Corruption and Gerrymandering

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Activists Adam Eichen, Rabbi Michael Pollack and Rachel Murphy invite you to join their barnstorming effort to restore democracy in Pennsylvania.Eichen returns to our podcast, where he and co-author Frances Moore Lappé appeared last October to talk about their book, Daring Democracy.  Eichen has taken his own dare, and teamed up with Rabbi Michael Pollack and Universalist churches to build a movement they call the March on Harrisburg.

Right now, they are focused on passing a constitutional amendment to replace gerrymandering with a citizens’ redistricting commission like we have in California; and, they want to end corruption with limits on campaign contributions (presently unlimited) and gifts to lawmakers (also unrestricted).

Eichen opens our discussion with an overview and update on their efforts to date, and to preview the event in suburban Philadelphia that was about to get underway as we spoke.

Rabbi Pollack explains his commitment to community organizing as an extension of his work, and cites the religious inspiration of his work.

Rachel Murphy, an organizer with the group, tells us that her activism has been fueled by her multiple sclerosis diagnosis–she sees her access to critical health care impeded by political corruption.