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In-Depth Interview: ‘Congressional Dish’ Host Jennifer Briney Reads the Bills, Watches the Hearings, and Sees New Cold War Looming

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Jen Briney hosts the impressive podcast series, Congressional Dish. She reads all of the key bills passed by Congress, and watches important hearings.  While most Americans are distracted by Russiagate and Trump’s tweets, our leaders are gearing up for a new cold war and nuclear arms race.Two of Briney’s recent podcasts are discussed hear, episodes 167 and 168.  In analyzing the recent Pentagon spending bill and watching related hearings, she sounds the alarm that our leaders are gearing up for a nuclear arms race and new cold war; and even though it’s “hidden in plain view”, most Americans don’t have a clue.

Briney is skeptical of the Russiagate narrative, and notes that leaders of both parties support the $1.5 trillion Nuclear Posture Review started by Obama and expanded by Trump, and that Trump’s National Defense Strategy contemplates a nuclear response to cyberwarfare.  In turn, the recent hawkish reactions to Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russian troll farm operators show casual, careless commentary that is conditioning Americans to conflict with Russia.

In response to listener/subscriber John Zweibel’s emails about Continuing Resolutions, Briney notes that interest groups do mislead their activists to support or oppose massive bills based on the very narrow list of issues they focus on.  We also discuss the recent move by California Democrats to deny endorsement to Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s re-election bid, and how the media decide which challengers deserve coverage.

And we talk about recent Congressional testimony by Henry Kissinger, the discredited Nixon advisor who warned the power elite about “the systemic failure of world order”.