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PBC News & Comment: Palace Intrigue Fells Crown Prince Jared

Isolated and under Mueller’s scrutiny, Jared Kushner is on borrowed time in White House as his business, political scams are exposed…--beyond Russiagate coverup, failure to disclose key info, and loss of top security clearance, Kushner led effort to punish Qatar after loan for KushnerCo fell through

--while PBC was away for a few days, chaos reigned in Trumplandia

--defying his globalist advisors and pissing off Republicans, Trump insists on imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum in ad hoc manner, sparking trade war

--with insider info, Carl Icahn profits from Trump tariff talk and Europe threatens to place tariffs on Jack, Harley’s and Levi’s

--Trump is all over the map on gun policy

--45 made shocking comments about executing opioid drug dealers as his role model, Philippine killer-in-chief Duterte says he won’t complete his term

--Putin says, “Listen to us now” as he unveils “invincible nuclear missile” and other scary weapons that may not be built yet

--in new, in-depth interview, Congressional Dish host Jen Briney warns of new cold war

--as MSNBC reports that Mueller is about to reveal link between alleged Russian hackers and WikiLeaks, Rep. Adam Schiff moves the goal posts

--at Truthdig, Scott Ritter—the weapons inspector who told the truth that Iraq did not have WMD’s, offers interesting, detailed analysis of Russiagate

--Leak investigations selectively finger former FBI #2 Andrew McCabe and Republicans on House Intel

--The Intercept details spying collaboration by US and 14 countries

--Shadowproof’s Kevin Gosztola is providing excellent coverage of Reality Winner trial for espionage

--Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf takes heat for warning of impending ICE raids last weekend

--Catalan independence leader steps back from post as regional president, but wants to run government in exile

--listener George Maschke has some thoughtful criticism of Yasha Levine’s takedown of Tor