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PBC News & Comment: Paranoid Trump Wants Army to Guard Mexican Border

45 watches too much Fox “News” and is unhinged by threat of Honduran “caravan”, wants to deploy troops on border…
--Trump’s hysteria and fearmongering evoke California Gov. Pete Wilson’s use of Prop. 187 to win re-election, at major cost to GOP future prospects. Watch the 1994 ad here

--Trump threatens Mexico and Honduras with irrational demands

--as Trump’s trade war evaporates “Trump bump” to stock market, corporate leaders offer best hope of limiting the damage

--GOP Wrecking Crew moves to cripple Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

--Koch Boy Scott Pruitt delivers scheme to weaken auto fuel standards, and Trump backs him despite disclosure of Pruitt’s DC crib, rented from energy lobbyist

--Trump tries to bury Stormy Daniels lawsuit in arbitration

--except for Bernie Sanders, most American electeds of both parties are silent on Israel’s assault on Palestinian protesters; listener Ian Berman shared Maya Wind’s comments

--Saudi crown prince MBS says Israelis and Palestinians have a “right to their own land” and NY Times leads with only the Israeli part

--in evidence-free Skripal poisoning case, head of Britain chemical weapons lab Porton Down admits his scientists can’t prove Russian origin

--UK Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbin has been smeared for failing to embrace Skripal narrative, now attacked for consorting with liberal Jews on Passover

--Mueller gets first scalp, as Manafort lawyer van der Zwaan gets 30 days in jail

--Mueller responds to Manafort effort to dismiss charges, and proves that he has expansive authority to investigate

--caught in the crossfire, former FBI #2 Andy McCabe’s wife Jill speaks out and slaps Trump

--the Sinclair TV station in Madison refused to air the corporate mandated fake news promo, as Trump defends Sinclair and bullies CNN

--questionable study says fake news might have given Trump an edge