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PBC News & Comment: Paranoid Trump Wants Army to Guard Mexican Border

45 watches too much Fox “News” and is unhinged by threat of Honduran “caravan”, wants to deploy troops on border…
–Trump’s hysteria and fearmongering evoke California Gov. Pete Wilson’s use of Prop. 187 to win re-election, at major cost to GOP future prospects. Watch the 1994 ad here

–Trump threatens Mexico and Honduras with irrational demands

–as Trump’s trade war evaporates “Trump bump” to stock market, corporate leaders offer best hope of limiting the damage

–GOP Wrecking Crew moves to cripple Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

–Koch Boy Scott Pruitt delivers scheme to weaken auto fuel standards, and Trump backs him despite disclosure of Pruitt’s DC crib, rented from energy lobbyist

–Trump tries to bury Stormy Daniels lawsuit in arbitration

–except for Bernie Sanders, most American electeds of both parties are silent on Israel’s assault on Palestinian protesters; listener Ian Berman shared Maya Wind’s comments

–Saudi crown prince MBS says Israelis and Palestinians have a “right to their own land” and NY Times leads with only the Israeli part

–in evidence-free Skripal poisoning case, head of Britain chemical weapons lab Porton Down admits his scientists can’t prove Russian origin

–UK Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbin has been smeared for failing to embrace Skripal narrative, now attacked for consorting with liberal Jews on Passover

–Mueller gets first scalp, as Manafort lawyer van der Zwaan gets 30 days in jail

–Mueller responds to Manafort effort to dismiss charges, and proves that he has expansive authority to investigate

–caught in the crossfire, former FBI #2 Andy McCabe’s wife Jill speaks out and slaps Trump

–the Sinclair TV station in Madison refused to air the corporate mandated fake news promo, as Trump defends Sinclair and bullies CNN

–questionable study says fake news might have given Trump an edge