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PBC News & Comment: Mueller Says Trump Is Not a ‘Target’ of Probe

WashPost reports Mueller told Trump lawyers that their client is a “subject”, not “target” of the investigation—unleashing new speculation…–newly released, heavily redacted Rosenstein memo authorized Mueller to investigate Manafort, after Mueller raided Manafort’s home

–legal eagle Jonathan Turley smacks MSM as “incapable of accepting signs that the Trump presidency could survive”

–the Trump-Russia narrative has provoked concern about the “Deep State” by majorities of both parties, according to new poll

–the immigrant “caravan” that led Trump to talk about troops on the border is fizzling out in south central Mexico

–yesterday, we talked about Posse Comitatus, here’s some clarification from legal analyst Elie Mystal

–Trump orders Pentagon to prepare to withdraw US troops from Syria

–trade war grows as China slaps tariffs on imports from US

–YouTube shooting drew tweet from Trump, since the shooter was from Iran

–3,100 Google workers have signed petition opposing Pentagon AI project

–Facebook CEO Zuckerberg will appear before Congressional committees next week

–in Monday’s report about James Corbett’s takedown of Newsbud smears of Beeley and Bartlett, I incorrectly stated that Newsbud had attacked Rhania Khalek

–you can watch Newsbud’s lame attempt to smear Corbett here

–Massachusetts man who’s never been to Florida sues Alex Jones for reporting he was the Parkland shooter

–some of America’s prisons are inhumane, like California’s Orange County Jail, and a corporate-run prison in Mississippi

–50 years after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., Cornel West says King was a radical who is too often portrayed as a moderate; from the archive, here’s our interview with author Stuart Wexler about King’s murder