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PBC News & Comment: Mueller Says Trump Is Not a ‘Target’ of Probe

WashPost reports Mueller told Trump lawyers that their client is a “subject”, not “target” of the investigation—unleashing new speculation…--newly released, heavily redacted Rosenstein memo authorized Mueller to investigate Manafort, after Mueller raided Manafort’s home

--legal eagle Jonathan Turley smacks MSM as “incapable of accepting signs that the Trump presidency could survive”

--the Trump-Russia narrative has provoked concern about the “Deep State” by majorities of both parties, according to new poll

--the immigrant “caravan” that led Trump to talk about troops on the border is fizzling out in south central Mexico

--yesterday, we talked about Posse Comitatus, here’s some clarification from legal analyst Elie Mystal

--Trump orders Pentagon to prepare to withdraw US troops from Syria

--trade war grows as China slaps tariffs on imports from US

--YouTube shooting drew tweet from Trump, since the shooter was from Iran

--3,100 Google workers have signed petition opposing Pentagon AI project

--Facebook CEO Zuckerberg will appear before Congressional committees next week

--in Monday’s report about James Corbett’s takedown of Newsbud smears of Beeley and Bartlett, I incorrectly stated that Newsbud had attacked Rhania Khalek

--you can watch Newsbud’s lame attempt to smear Corbett here

--Massachusetts man who’s never been to Florida sues Alex Jones for reporting he was the Parkland shooter

--some of America’s prisons are inhumane, like California’s Orange County Jail, and a corporate-run prison in Mississippi

--50 years after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., Cornel West says King was a radical who is too often portrayed as a moderate; from the archive, here’s our interview with author Stuart Wexler about King’s murder