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PBC News & Comment: Trump Resumes Twitter War After Wagging the Dog

Trump’s attack on Syria was pure theatrics with instant claim “Mission Accomplished”, but doesn’t prove that Syria used chemical weapons….--blame game continues, as Britain says Syria and Russia are blocking OPCW investigators from Douma

--Norman Solomon comments that that attack as a salute to “Russiagate faithful”

--in LA Times oped, Matt Welch of Reason notes the the Trump “resistance” swoons “for stars of the surveillance state”

--Comey’s book promotion media marathon is just getting started, and Trump tries to keep up with nasty tweets

--FBI inspector general report says Andy McCabe lied about authorized leaks to media about Clinton Foundation investigation

--under direct order from federal judge Kimba Wood, Michael Cohen identifies Sean Hannity as the client he was trying to keep secret

--Cohen’s third client, Elliott Broidy, has admitted Cohen arranged $1.6 million payment to Playmate he knocked up

--based on leaks from the “No Leaks” Mueller investigation, McClatchy reports that Mueller has evidence that Cohen did visit Prague in 2016, despite his denials

--another leak for the No Leaks investigation tags unnamed former Russian spy as conduit for Coehn-Sater schemes for Trump property in Moscow

--5 years after Boston Marathon bombing, key info about Tamerlan Tsarnaev is still classified, and WhoWhatWhy is fighting for release of the info

--in Turkey, an American Christian minister is on trial for links to attempted 2016 coup, but the real target is Fethullah Gulen

--at South Carolina’s Lee prison, inmate riot leaves 7 dead, 17 injured

--after losing veto fight over tax hikes to pay teachers, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin went bonkers, and has apologized

--David Buckel, attorney who advocated for gay rights and the environment, dies by self immolation to send a message