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PBC News & Comment: Trump Resumes Twitter War After Wagging the Dog

Trump’s attack on Syria was pure theatrics with instant claim “Mission Accomplished”, but doesn’t prove that Syria used chemical weapons….–blame game continues, as Britain says Syria and Russia are blocking OPCW investigators from Douma

–Norman Solomon comments that that attack as a salute to “Russiagate faithful”

–in LA Times oped, Matt Welch of Reason notes the the Trump “resistance” swoons “for stars of the surveillance state”

–Comey’s book promotion media marathon is just getting started, and Trump tries to keep up with nasty tweets

–FBI inspector general report says Andy McCabe lied about authorized leaks to media about Clinton Foundation investigation

–under direct order from federal judge Kimba Wood, Michael Cohen identifies Sean Hannity as the client he was trying to keep secret

–Cohen’s third client, Elliott Broidy, has admitted Cohen arranged $1.6 million payment to Playmate he knocked up

–based on leaks from the “No Leaks” Mueller investigation, McClatchy reports that Mueller has evidence that Cohen did visit Prague in 2016, despite his denials

–another leak for the No Leaks investigation tags unnamed former Russian spy as conduit for Coehn-Sater schemes for Trump property in Moscow

–5 years after Boston Marathon bombing, key info about Tamerlan Tsarnaev is still classified, and WhoWhatWhy is fighting for release of the info

–in Turkey, an American Christian minister is on trial for links to attempted 2016 coup, but the real target is Fethullah Gulen

–at South Carolina’s Lee prison, inmate riot leaves 7 dead, 17 injured

–after losing veto fight over tax hikes to pay teachers, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin went bonkers, and has apologized

–David Buckel, attorney who advocated for gay rights and the environment, dies by self immolation to send a message