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In-Depth Interview: Investigative Reporter Greg Palast Unpacks 2016 Stolen Election

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Greg Palast, whose incredible work is largely blacked out by US corporate media, joins us in studio to talk about how Republicans meddled in the 2016 election.Palast is in the Bay Area to premier the latest edition of his rollicking documentary,  The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: The Case of the Stolen Election.  You can order a signed DVD and get more info here.

Palast has just returned from Kansas, where he joins the ACLU in challenging the Interstate Crosscheck List, the handywork of Kansas Secretary of State turned candidate for governor, Kris Kobach.  Palast explains how Crosscheck was used to purge millions of voters in 2016, along with an array of other tactics.

Palast updates us on Michigan, where Trump was named winner by less than 11,000 votes, despite 75,000 ballots in Detroit and Flint that were tabulated with no vote for president.  He also slams the Clinton campaign for failing to join the Green Party’s challenge to the Michigan vote count, and for failing to reach out to Sanders voters who rejected Clinton in the Michigan primary and in Wisconsin in November.

He comments on the exaggerated claims of Russian election meddling, noting that we have plenty of suspects right here in America.

And as we wrap up the conversation, Palast talks about his high school classmate Stephen Paddock, accused of the 2017 mass murder in Las Vegas.  Paddock and Palast went in different directions after graduating from LA’s Polytechnic High School, and Palast acknowledges the alienation that Paddock experienced.