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PBC News & Comment: Courtroom Drama Exposes Hannity as Client of Cohen

Michael Cohen fights for attorney-client rights, as judge forces disclosure that Sean Hannity was the unnamed client of Trump’s consigliere….--Reagan appointed Judge Kimba Wood, who Clinton named as Attorney General, but she was not confirmed due to nanny scandal

--Wood says she trusts prosecutors, but allows some review of seized files by Cohen and Trump

--Trump’s efforts to tarnish Mueller probe and FBI gain traction with Republicans

--in our latest in-depth interview, investigative reporter Greg Palast talks about failings of the Clinton campaign

--mixed reaction to Comey’s book and public comments: NY Times columnist Frank Bruni says Comey is lowering himself by taking Trump on; U Mich Prof. Juan Cole says  “Comey did this to himself”; former FBI agents say Comey is damaging FBI reputation; Clinton supporters are pissed at Comey admission he expected HRC win.

--in Douma, respected British journalist Robert Fisk can’t find any witnesses to chemical attack, as OPCW investigators arrive at the scene

--Trump floats idea to use troops from anti-Assad Mideast nations to patrol Syria

--Trump contradicts his UN mouthpiece, puts hold on new Russian sanctions

--Russian foreign minister Lavrov says Swiss lab report of Skripal samples shows BZ nerve agent produced by US and NATO allies

--spurred by Friday the 13th attack on Syria, Sens. Corker and Kaine unveil new war powers bill

--big surprise at Surpreme Court, as Trump appointee Neil Gorsuch joins liberals to uphold 9th Circuit ruling on immigration law

--another leader facing corruption charges at home visits Trump, as Japan’s Abe wants to address tariffs, TPP and North Korea

--Kim Jong Un tells South Koreans he is ready to talk “denuclearization”

--former Cambridge Analytica worker tells Parliament the firm ran its own Facebook quizzes, and got data on far more than 87 million users

--US and Britain warn the public: Russians are trolling your WiFi routers at home

--News about (Rightwing) Nuts: Ryan Bundy runs for governor of Nevada, appeals court will review Sheriff Joe’s pardon; Alex Jones draws 2 more defamation suits