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PBC News & Comment: Courtroom Drama Exposes Hannity as Client of Cohen

Michael Cohen fights for attorney-client rights, as judge forces disclosure that Sean Hannity was the unnamed client of Trump’s consigliere….–Reagan appointed Judge Kimba Wood, who Clinton named as Attorney General, but she was not confirmed due to nanny scandal

–Wood says she trusts prosecutors, but allows some review of seized files by Cohen and Trump

–Trump’s efforts to tarnish Mueller probe and FBI gain traction with Republicans

–in our latest in-depth interview, investigative reporter Greg Palast talks about failings of the Clinton campaign

–mixed reaction to Comey’s book and public comments: NY Times columnist Frank Bruni says Comey is lowering himself by taking Trump on; U Mich Prof. Juan Cole says  “Comey did this to himself”; former FBI agents say Comey is damaging FBI reputation; Clinton supporters are pissed at Comey admission he expected HRC win.

–in Douma, respected British journalist Robert Fisk can’t find any witnesses to chemical attack, as OPCW investigators arrive at the scene

–Trump floats idea to use troops from anti-Assad Mideast nations to patrol Syria

–Trump contradicts his UN mouthpiece, puts hold on new Russian sanctions

–Russian foreign minister Lavrov says Swiss lab report of Skripal samples shows BZ nerve agent produced by US and NATO allies

–spurred by Friday the 13th attack on Syria, Sens. Corker and Kaine unveil new war powers bill

–big surprise at Surpreme Court, as Trump appointee Neil Gorsuch joins liberals to uphold 9th Circuit ruling on immigration law

–another leader facing corruption charges at home visits Trump, as Japan’s Abe wants to address tariffs, TPP and North Korea

–Kim Jong Un tells South Koreans he is ready to talk “denuclearization”

–former Cambridge Analytica worker tells Parliament the firm ran its own Facebook quizzes, and got data on far more than 87 million users

–US and Britain warn the public: Russians are trolling your WiFi routers at home

–News about (Rightwing) Nuts: Ryan Bundy runs for governor of Nevada, appeals court will review Sheriff Joe’s pardon; Alex Jones draws 2 more defamation suits