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PBC News & Comment: Will Dems Actually Block Pompeo Nomination?

Senate opposition builds to confirmation of Pompeo as Secretary of State, after revelation of Easter meeting with Kim Jong Un….–North and South Korea appear to make progress, discussing formal end to 1950’s war leading to a treaty and US recognition of N. Korea

–UN envoy Nikki Haley feuds with White House after Trump changed his mind about new sanctions on Russia, leaving her with wrong talking points

Vice posts biased report about Russian claim of chemical weapons elements found in Douma at site formerly controlled by proxy fighters

Update, 4.19.18: Here’s the link to the video of Bashar al Assad driving himself to Ghouta

NY Times reports rancor and bickering as Israel marks 70th anniversary, and Netanyahu jockies for face time

–Sen. Bernie Sanders gives strong speech at J Street conference, with his most aggressive criticism of Israel to date, reports Zaid Jilani at The Intercept

–at ConsortiumNews, Gareth Porter offers a credible alt theory about Skripal attack; at minimum, it disproves claim that “only Russia” could’ve done it

–in latest tweet attack on Comey, Trump contradicts himself about the reason he fired the FBI director

–Peter Maass looks at the non-Trump chapters of Comey’s book, and slams Comey’s views of victims of the FBI and law enforcement

–Senate leader McConnell won’t allow vote on bill to protect Mueller from firing, because he doesn’t think Trump will try to fire Mueller

–McConnell is trying to block coal baron Don Blankenship in W. Virginia senate primary, drawing attacks from Trumpers and Tea Party types

–the court-ordered exposure of Sean Hannity as client of Michael Cohen is also revealing how cozy Hannity is with Trump

–Johnny Dwyer points out that attorney-client privilege was breached when defense attorney Lynne Stewart got 10 years in prison

–analysis of fundraising shows big liberal shift in Dems running for Congress this year

–total power outage—second in less than a week—blacks out Puerto Rico

–in Iceland, bitcoin their escaped from prison, was captured on flight to Stockholm that also carried Iceland’s prime minister

–move over Sully, America’s new hero(ine) pilot is Tammi Jo Shults, who safely landed Southwest flight after engine exploded, one passenger died