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PBC News & Comment: Historic Meeting in Panmunjon Peace House Raises Hopes

Great optics as Kim meets Moon to embrace broad agreement to end the 1950’s war and “denuclearize” the Korean peninsula….–many details remain, and Trump deserves a little credit….but he will try to take it all, and promote uncertainty about his meeting with Kim

–our Dear Tweeter had some praise for the Korean developments, after he attacked Jim Comey and heralded his exoneration in House Intel final report, just released

–new email leak, from Russian oligarch in exile Khodorkovsky, shows that lawyer Veselnitskaya had ties to Kremlin that she lied about to US officials

Fox reporter Bret Baier had some tough questions for Comey about the dossier and Trump allies jump all over it

–in Gaza today, 3 Palestinians were killed and hundreds more wounded as some tried to breach the Israeli security fence

–this week’s yellow journalism award goes to Robert Mackey at The Intercept for this biased report on Russian claims of fabricated Douma gas attack

–in Ohio governor’s Dem primary, Dennis Kucinich is attacked by Richard Cordray for speech in England to group tagged “pro-Assad”

–in Michigan, GOP candidate for governor Patrick Colbeck is slammed for smearing Muslim Democrat Abdul El-Sayed with phony links to Muslim Brotherhood

–Sean Hannity’s HUD-subsidized apartment investment in Georgia poverty zone shows huge jump in evictions since Hannity bought it

–at Counterpunch, Eric Draitser exposes another congressional race with 2 Democrats who have very deep histories in intelligence work

–our latest in-depth interview explores GMO’s, pesticides, healthy soils and organic crops in conversation with farmer/activist Howard Vlieger of Iowa