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In-Depth Interview: Farmer/Activist Howard Vlieger Talks About Healthy Soil, Pesticides, GMO’s and Organic Farming

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Howard Vlieger is a farmer from northwest Iowa and an activist for GMO labeling and organic farming.  He shares a lot of knowledge in this conversation.This interview is the audio track from a TV interview that originally aired on Marin TV.  Vlieger has been farming since the 1980’s, and gave careful study to GMO crops and seed/pesticide combinations as they were developed and introduced to American farms.

He has deep knowledge of soil science, and explains how the soil biome compares to the human microbiome, also referred to as the “gut”. He and Dr. Michelle Perro, who was interviewed here in January about gut health, have common views on the impact of agrichemicals and GMO’s on animals and humans. He shares his experience with glyphosate, Round-up ready seeds, BT crops, and other agricultural changes in recent decades.

Your humble host is not an expert on these matters, and learned a lot from this conversation with Vlieger.  We hope you find it informative, too.