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PBC News & Comment: Jill Stein Speaks Out on Russiagate and Rigged Elections

In sweeping indictment of American elections, Jill Stein breaks silence on Russiagate and thumbnails the obvious defects in our system….--Stein published this commentary at Counterpunch

--Max Blumenthal explains Stein’s refusal to comply with some demands from Senate Intel committee

--at WhoWhatWhy, Nina Sparling reports on NY state case where judge has ruled that electronic ballot images are public records, a major development

--Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver’s new book details the primary rigging and declares Bernie would have won

--new poll shows openly anti-Semitic GOP candidate Patrick Little could face Feinstein in November

--Rabbi Shmuley Boteach smears Natalie Portman for declining to accept award from Netanyahu

--in hysterical powerpoint talk, Netanyahu accuses Iran of cheating on nuclear deal

--on Mideast tour, new SecState Mike Pompeo says Israel is shooting Palestinian protesters in “self-defense”, after asking Saudis to end feud with Qatar

--Pompeo shares more about is visit with Kim Jong-un, playing good cop to Bolton’s bad cop, as Kim continues to surprise with promises, self effacing comments

--S. Korea’s Moon says Trump deserves Nobel Peace Prize, a premature ejaculation

--China draws red lines in trade war, prepares to confront Trump

--at San Diego border, remnants of “caravan” are denied asylum hearings, as CBP claims they don’t have room for the new arrivals

--Pentagon boss Mattis faces deadline today for proposals for Guantanamo

--capture of alleged Golden State Killer leads to unproven speculation in many cold cases, and raises ethical questions about DNA research in public records

--Trump blew up political correctness, but his allies shed crocodile tears for jokes about Sarah Huckabee Sanders at correspondents’ dinner