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PBC News & Comment: Jill Stein Speaks Out on Russiagate and Rigged Elections

In sweeping indictment of American elections, Jill Stein breaks silence on Russiagate and thumbnails the obvious defects in our system….–Stein published this commentary at Counterpunch

–Max Blumenthal explains Stein’s refusal to comply with some demands from Senate Intel committee

–at WhoWhatWhy, Nina Sparling reports on NY state case where judge has ruled that electronic ballot images are public records, a major development

–Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver’s new book details the primary rigging and declares Bernie would have won

new poll shows openly anti-Semitic GOP candidate Patrick Little could face Feinstein in November

–Rabbi Shmuley Boteach smears Natalie Portman for declining to accept award from Netanyahu

–in hysterical powerpoint talk, Netanyahu accuses Iran of cheating on nuclear deal

–on Mideast tour, new SecState Mike Pompeo says Israel is shooting Palestinian protesters in “self-defense”, after asking Saudis to end feud with Qatar

–Pompeo shares more about is visit with Kim Jong-un, playing good cop to Bolton’s bad cop, as Kim continues to surprise with promises, self effacing comments

–S. Korea’s Moon says Trump deserves Nobel Peace Prize, a premature ejaculation

–China draws red lines in trade war, prepares to confront Trump

–at San Diego border, remnants of “caravan” are denied asylum hearings, as CBP claims they don’t have room for the new arrivals

–Pentagon boss Mattis faces deadline today for proposals for Guantanamo

–capture of alleged Golden State Killer leads to unproven speculation in many cold cases, and raises ethical questions about DNA research in public records

–Trump blew up political correctness, but his allies shed crocodile tears for jokes about Sarah Huckabee Sanders at correspondents’ dinner