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PBC News & Comment: Mueller’s Questions Leak, Dems Fund Ongoing Steele Muckraking

House Intel report says wealthy Dem donors put up $50 million to continue Christopher Steele research on Trump in Russia...--Penn Quarter Group, also known as Democracy Integrity Project is managed by former Intel staffer Dan Jones; Daily Caller report here, Federalist report here

--Mueller gave Trump’s lawyers the questions he wants to ask 45, leaked by NY Times, but DNC hacking and transfer to WikiLeaks aren't mentioned

--in reporting on Netanyahu’s claims that “Iran Lied Bigtime”, the fact that the “evidence” is 15 years old is buried or ignored

--the latest airstrike in Syria attributed to Israel produces “fake news” report that tactical nuclear bomb was used

--Snopes flatly says it didn’t happen, but close reading shows they really mean that no credible reports reference “tactical nuke”

--first group of 8 “caravan” migrants are processed as asylum seekers at San Diego border

--international human rights court exposes Mexico’s police state, abuses by Army, disappearance of thousands

--listener Henry Garciga has some good criticism of my inadequate coverage of Mexico

--Trump’s weird longtime doctor, Harold Bornstein, reveals that Trump goons came to his office and grabbed all of Donald’s medical records, says “I feel raped”

--California leads 17 other states in challenge to EPA rollback of auto mileage standards

--one of EPA director Scott Pruitt’s key Okie boys resigns amid investigations

--WashPost tally: in 466 days, Trump has made 3,001 false of misleading statements

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola continues great coverage of Reality Winner prosecution

--in Alabama, Roy Moore sues 4 of his accusers for defamation

--as American journalists celebrated themselves, 10 reporters were killed in Afghanistan, Peter Maas comments at The Intercept