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PBC News & Comment: Mueller’s Questions Leak, Dems Fund Ongoing Steele Muckraking

House Intel report says wealthy Dem donors put up $50 million to continue Christopher Steele research on Trump in Russia…–Penn Quarter Group, also known as Democracy Integrity Project is managed by former Intel staffer Dan Jones; Daily Caller report here, Federalist report here

–Mueller gave Trump’s lawyers the questions he wants to ask 45, leaked by NY Times, but DNC hacking and transfer to WikiLeaks aren’t mentioned

–in reporting on Netanyahu’s claims that “Iran Lied Bigtime”, the fact that the “evidence” is 15 years old is buried or ignored

–the latest airstrike in Syria attributed to Israel produces “fake news” report that tactical nuclear bomb was used

Snopes flatly says it didn’t happen, but close reading shows they really mean that no credible reports reference “tactical nuke”

–first group of 8 “caravan” migrants are processed as asylum seekers at San Diego border

–international human rights court exposes Mexico’s police state, abuses by Army, disappearance of thousands

–listener Henry Garciga has some good criticism of my inadequate coverage of Mexico

–Trump’s weird longtime doctor, Harold Bornstein, reveals that Trump goons came to his office and grabbed all of Donald’s medical records, says “I feel raped”

–California leads 17 other states in challenge to EPA rollback of auto mileage standards

–one of EPA director Scott Pruitt’s key Okie boys resigns amid investigations

–WashPost tally: in 466 days, Trump has made 3,001 false of misleading statements

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola continues great coverage of Reality Winner prosecution

–in Alabama, Roy Moore sues 4 of his accusers for defamation

–as American journalists celebrated themselves, 10 reporters were killed in Afghanistan, Peter Maas comments at The Intercept