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PBC News & Comment: Draft War Powers Law Has Scary Detention Clause

The new bipartisan authorization for use of Military force has broad detention language, much worse than Obama’s 2012 NDAA did….--Jon Schwartz breaks it down in an excellent report at The Intercept

--details emerge on origins of Mueller Questions, including threat to subpoena Trump to appear before a grand jury

--at ConsortiumNews, Ray McGovern and Bill Binney think Mueller is on a “fishing expedition” and is laying perjury traps for Trump

--Trump shuffles legal team again: Ty Cobb is out, and Emmet Flood is in

--patronizing op-ed by Molly Roberts in WashPost panders to establishment Dems and paints Jill Stein as kooky

--Cambridge Analytica is going out of business

--in effort to mollify Trump and keep arms flowing, Ukraine’s Poroshenko government halts Manafort investigations

--in Sacramento, official Stephon Clark autopsy conflicts with private examination

--Golden State Killer investigation shows that DNA info isn’t private

--predictably, Trump is backing Netanyahu’s lies about Iran, but European leaders aren’t buying them

--major Afghan drug kingpin with deep ties to CIA and DEA has quietly been released from prison

--embattled EPA director Scott Pruitt’s trip to Morocco enabled his lobbyist pal to pick up contract with government of Morocco

--Iowa joins the pack of red states with a clearly unconstitutional abortion law…will the Democrats fight for choice?

--in the fight against fake news, Facebook is asking users to rank trusted media outlets, and it’s also equating left-bias and hate speech