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PBC News & Comment: Rudy Giuliani Channels Anthony Scaramucci

In tactical disclosure to friendly Hannity, Giuliani launches new version of Stormy Daniels case, proves Trump and Cohen lied, bigly…–at first, it appeared Giuliani had gone rogue, but Trump’s Thursday tweets confirm that he’d rather be seen as a liar than campaign finance criminal

–Comey and Giuliani trade insults on Twitter over Rudy’s comment about FBI stormtroopers

–Giuliani is upset that Cohen’s call with Trump was probably wiretapped

–Trump continues attacks on his Republican team at “Justice Dept.”

–at The Nation, Aaron Maté asks important questions about Mueller’s endgame, which may be disappointing to most anti-Trumpers

The Nation deserves credit for presenting many views of Russiagate, but my old pal Bob Dreyfuss slimes former Sen. Lincoln Chafee with flimsy claims

–at ConsortiumNews, Caitlin Johnstone defends Jill Stein against smears for using “Kremlin talking points”

NY Times confirms that Trump secretly ordered Green Berets to Saudi-Yemen border in January

–as Netanyahu served up lies about Iran, the Knesset was passing dangerous legislation allowing Netanyahu expansive new war powers

–Palestinian leader Abbas is accused of anti-Semitism in rambling speech

–new reports say 27 additional women have accused Charlie Rose of harassment

–House chaplain withdraws his resignation, in holy challenge to Paul Ryan

–the formerly-liberal 9th Circuit appeals court here in SF sees conservatives revolt in case involving campaign contribution limits

–one of San Francisco’s visionary funsters has died; Gilbert Klein was a KFAT talk show host who invented Rockin’Bowl