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PBC News & Comment: Trump Adds Even More Confusion to Giuliani’s Disclosures

Donny undercuts Rudy, says everything about Stormy Daniels case is incorrect, and that Giuliani will “eventually get the facts right”…--best analysis of this stinking mess is from CREW op-ed in WashPost

--Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the leading promoter of Russiagate, tells Dems not to “take the bait on impeachment”

--at NRA convention, Trump rambles about gun rights

--federal judge in one case against Manafort hammers Mueller’s lawyer and appears sympathetic to charge of overreach by special counsel

--unemployment rate drops below 4%, and employers are dropping drug tests for marijuana to expand pool of applicants

--at ConsortiumNews, Gareth Porter adds to our knowledge of Netanyahu’s lies about Iran and nukes earlier this week

--new report from OPCW estimates quantity of nerve agent used on Skripals, but doesn’t address many unproven claims in the case

--Two Democrats are challenging far right Rep. Tom McClintock in California, and party leaders favor the former USAID staffer, Jessica Morse

--at ConsortiumNews, Norman Solomon traces the history of corporate Democrats and focuses on DNC official Elaine Kamarck, who wants more superdelegates and less democracy, as she explains in NY Times op-ed

--in new, in-depth interview, science journalist Suzanne Bohan talks about her new book, Twenty Years of Life

--Facebook taps knuckle dragging former Sen. Jon Kyl to lead team to rout liberal bias

--in Charlottesville, two white supremacists are convicted of beating black man last August, scene captured by Greg Palast’s cameraman