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PBC News & Comment: Russiagate’s Dead End: Mueller Won’t Indict Trump

Rudy Giuliani says Mueller has given assurances he won’t try to indict Trump while in office, impeachment is the only option….--one year after Mueller was appointed, there’s no public evidence of DNC hacking or Russian “collusion”, Trump now claims FBI embedded “spies” in his campaign

--yesterday’s NY Times report on operation Crossfire Hurricane alluded to “government informant” who met with Page and Papadopolous, no other details

--Senate Intel leaders use carefully constructed language to agree with the same kind of lingo in intel reports, creating false impression of proof of Russian election meddling that helped Trump

--US has normalized relations with Qatar after spat, and Kushners get cash infusion from Qatari fund….coincidence?

--as Mitch McConnell engineers Haspel confirmation without more debate, Jeremy Scahill details torture impact on one of her victims

--in staged meeting with California Republicans, Trump spews more hate, calls some immigrants “animals” and says Oakland mayor obstructed justice

--GOP governor candidate in Georgia exploits Trump’s hate with “deportation bus”

--some Repub House candidates are working to force a vote on DACA, but GOP leaders fear it will be seen as “soft” by Trump voters in November

--in retaliation for reported machine gun fire from Gaza, Israeli airstrikes hit two sites in Gaza City

--NY Times columnist Bret Stephens blames the Palestinians for just about everything

--Jewish American Dr. David Glick explained this mutual “projective identification” in a 2014 Tikkun commentary

--in symbolic vote, Senate narrowly passes bill to extend Net Neutrality

--after months of wrangling with progressives, DNC appears ready for major changes to superdelegates and primary rules