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PBC News & Comment: Six Spineless Democrats Enabled Haspel Confirmation

Fake “Resistance” is epitomized by senators Manchin, Shaheen, Nelson, Heitkamp. Donnelly and Virginia’s Warner, sellouts on torturer’s CIA director confirmation…--Obama’s refusal to prosecute Bush-era war crimes set the stage

--Trump and Giuliani push to expose reported FBI mole inserted into Trump campaign

--those Russian Facebook ads that led to Mueller’s silly indictments of Russians included many messages that mirror American dialogue

--Sergei Skripal, the former Russian spy once reported dead by Bill Maher, has miraculously recovered from fatal nerve agent exposure, leaves hospital

--in “splash of cold water”, Kim Jong-un shows he can be as unpredictable as Trump

--China makes moves to address US trade deficit, mostly for show

--Paul Krugman connects the dots between Trump’s sudden concern for Chinese workers impacted by his trade war, and Chinese funding for Trump deal in Indonesia

--UN General Assembly votes to declare US embassy move to Jerusalem “null and void”

--South Carolina passes most extreme law that will silence critics of Israel, using expansive new definitions of “anti-Semitism”

--EU leaders scorn Trump’s effort to scuttle Iran deal, and Gareth Porter exposes John Bolton’s scheming for regime change in Tehran

--at ConsortiumNews, Roger D. Harris reveals “Masterstroke”, Trump’s plan to overthrow Venezuela’s Maduro during or after Sunday’s election

--Daniel Ortega’s crackdown on Nicaraguan protests has killed 65 so far

--in surprise to US, Moktada al-Sadr’s allies made big gains in Iraqi parliament elections

--thoughts, prayers, and more political inaction will follow today’s school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas that has killed 10 students

--pandering to the religious extremists who ignore his “sinful” affairs, Trump revives Reagan’s “gag order” on abortion

--far right “Freedom Caucus” kills farm bill over immigration differences, as rogue GOP House members push for vote on DACA

--Trump promises to sign a bill that would reduce federal prison population without reforming sentencing laws, embraced by Van Jones and Jared Kushner