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PBC News & Comment: Six Spineless Democrats Enabled Haspel Confirmation

Fake “Resistance” is epitomized by senators Manchin, Shaheen, Nelson, Heitkamp. Donnelly and Virginia’s Warner, sellouts on torturer’s CIA director confirmation…–Obama’s refusal to prosecute Bush-era war crimes set the stage

–Trump and Giuliani push to expose reported FBI mole inserted into Trump campaign

–those Russian Facebook ads that led to Mueller’s silly indictments of Russians included many messages that mirror American dialogue

–Sergei Skripal, the former Russian spy once reported dead by Bill Maher, has miraculously recovered from fatal nerve agent exposure, leaves hospital

–in “splash of cold water”, Kim Jong-un shows he can be as unpredictable as Trump

–China makes moves to address US trade deficit, mostly for show

–Paul Krugman connects the dots between Trump’s sudden concern for Chinese workers impacted by his trade war, and Chinese funding for Trump deal in Indonesia

–UN General Assembly votes to declare US embassy move to Jerusalem “null and void”

–South Carolina passes most extreme law that will silence critics of Israel, using expansive new definitions of “anti-Semitism”

–EU leaders scorn Trump’s effort to scuttle Iran deal, and Gareth Porter exposes John Bolton’s scheming for regime change in Tehran

–at ConsortiumNews, Roger D. Harris reveals “Masterstroke”, Trump’s plan to overthrow Venezuela’s Maduro during or after Sunday’s election

–Daniel Ortega’s crackdown on Nicaraguan protests has killed 65 so far

–in surprise to US, Moktada al-Sadr’s allies made big gains in Iraqi parliament elections

–thoughts, prayers, and more political inaction will follow today’s school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas that has killed 10 students

–pandering to the religious extremists who ignore his “sinful” affairs, Trump revives Reagan’s “gag order” on abortion

–far right “Freedom Caucus” kills farm bill over immigration differences, as rogue GOP House members push for vote on DACA

–Trump promises to sign a bill that would reduce federal prison population without reforming sentencing laws, embraced by Van Jones and Jared Kushner