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PBC News & Comment: FBI Informant in Trump Campaign is Named

While NY Times and WashPost play games, Daily Caller and Intercept identify Stefan Halper as FBI’s informant, Trump demands investigation….–Glenn Greenwald names Stefan Halper, and explains his history as CIA agent turned political operative who was part of Reagan’s dirty 1980 campaign

–Trump tweets demand for FBI investigation, and Rosenstein jumps to assign it to inspector general

–in Sunday front pager, NY Times reveals meeting where Blackwater’s Erik Prince was joined by allies of Saudis, Emiratis and Israelis to plot Trump victory

–before swearing in his now CIA director Gina Haspel, Trump tweeted attacks on predecessor John Brennan for Russiagate, the Dear Tweeter may be right

–freshly “former” CIA director Mike Pompeo launches first rhetorical volley in predictable war with Iran

–National Iranian American Council minces no words in response

–in Venezuela, Maduro claims victory in election with boycott, low turnout

–Senate bill advances to nullify First Amendment, making support for BDS aimed at Israel a felony with penalties of $1 million, 20 years in prison

–Kim Jong-un has rattled Trump, who is reported to be worried about embarrassment if summit fails

–Trump officials offer confusing comments about trade talks with China, but it appears that US tariff threats have been deferred

–respected whistleblower attorney Jessalyn Radack is accused of making false allegations of rape against discredited DC PR guy, Trevor Fitzgibbon

–giving even more power to corporations, Supreme Court upholds arbitration clauses that bar class action lawsuits

–in West Viginia, convicted coal baron Don Blankenship tries third party run, but it may be blocked by “sore loser” law

–after NY Times columnist Nick Kristof champions the case of California death row convict Kevin Cooper, Sen. Kamala Harris supports DNA test she used to oppose