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PBC News & Comment: As Ireland Legalizes Abortion, US Rolls Back Rights

Supreme Court declines to review pretextual Arkansas law that will shut clinics, ban medical abortion, chipping away at Roe v. Wade…..–SCOTUS takes strong stand for 4th Amendment rights in Virginia case about stolen motorcycle on private property

–today’s Starbucks nationwide shutdown for racial bias training is upstaged by Roseanne’s racist tweets that led ABC to cancel her comeback show

–Gaza tensions escalate as Palestinians launched 30 mortar shells into Israel, and the response is disproportionate, again

–Syria takes chair of chemical weapons monitoring group for 4 weeks

Buzzfeed offers fact-free update on the Skripals, while repeating unproven claims as fact

–to its credit Buzzfeed has been skeptical of the low reported death toll in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria, and new study shows dramatic under reporting

–Trump summit with Kim Jong-un appears to be on track, as top North Korean diplomat flies to NY for meetings

–Trump zig zags into trade war with China, contradicting Mnuchin’s truce

–Trump tweets more than a dozen times about Mueller probe, using lies and distortion to obscure the “spygate” angle that had some merit

NY Times reports on itself in frustrating episode of series “Fourth Estate” on Showtime

–Facebook announced it is working with the Atlantic Council to combat “fake news”, and FAIR exposes the Council’s funding, which MSM failed to do

–report that TrumpCo “lost track” of 1,500 immigrant children is exaggerated, but the plight of kids and family separation are serious issues

–Justice Dept. approves merger of Bayer and Monsanto, after spin off of seeds and other business lines