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PBC News & Comment: Googlers Revolt Over Pentagon AI Project

4,000 Google employees have signed a petition protesting Pentagon contract for Maven artificial intelligence program, refusing to build warfare technology….–read the NY Times report here

–Sen. Ron Wyden reveals that Americans’ cellphones are vulnerable due to weak security on data used to route calls

–listener Dick Atlee alerts us to Amazon’s Rekognition, advanced facial recognition tool that can pick you out of a crowd

–school district in Buffalo implements Aegis, a Canadian system that can identify faces and objects, reports The Intercept

–at WhoWhatWhy, a report on workplace analytics

–fresh evidence of obstruction, as NY Times reports that Trump demanded that Sessions un-recuse himself, according to unnamed sources

–Rep. Trey Gowdy tries to defend Trump regarding obstruction even as he defends FBI for “spying” on Trump campaign; Trump endorses one view, can you guess?

–Trump stokes Nashville mob with claim that Mexico will pay for the wall and other lies and bullying

–makers of Ambien reject Rosanne Barr’s excuse, saying racism is not a known side effect of the sleeping pill

–Hamas declares cease-fire, and Israel stops bombing Gaza

–Dutch official says Russia must accept blame for downing of MH-17, as search for MH 370 is winding down

–Russian journalist who was pronounced dead by Ukraine appears at news conference to report he faked his murder to thwart Moscow

–John Bolton names Muslim-bashing pal chief of staff

–in Charlottesville, VA, Leslie Cockburn fights bogus anti-Semitism claims as GOP opponent drops out to go to rehab

–after 4-month struggle, Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens resigns