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PBC News & Comment: A Credible Alt-Narrative for Russiagate

Journalist Daniel Lazare lays out a credible alternative narrative for Russiagate, which can be boiled down to “Game of Spooks”–read Lazare’s article at ConsortiumNews here

–Trump contradicts, again, on his reasons for firing Comey

–former acting FBI Director McCabe wrote secret memo about Comey’s firing, which has been leaked from the no-leaks Mueller investigation

–Trevor Aaronson, an expert on FBI informants and their abuse, believes the Bureau followed the rules with Stefan Halper

–also at The Intercept, James Risen makes the case for obstruction charges against Trump

–Yulia Skripal read a statement to cameras last week, but the Novichok claims and other key evidence remain undisclosed; read The Independent report here  and Craig Murray’s blog here

–with no notice, Trump administration imposes tariffs on steel and aluminum effective at midnight

–Pompeo meeting with top North Korean ends early with no clear outcome, Trump meets with Kim Yong Chol tomorrow

–as Israel-Palestine cease-fire holds, Mondoweiss recaps the sequence of events, and slams the NY Times

–former US Ambassador Chas W. Freeman comments on Trump/Bolton Mideast policies that are isolating US and reducing influence

–Trump pardons right wing propagandist Dinesh D’Souza and hints at clemency for Martha Stewart and Rod Blagojevich, sending messages to his loyalists

–trying to rationalize Rosanne’s racist tweets, right wingers hammer Samantha Bee for crude attack on Ivanka Trump

–transgender Honduran who arrived with “caravan” dies in “ice box” in ICE custody

–outrage over video of brutal beach arrest in New Jersey grows

–not enough outrage over the conviction of Carol Shuler for contact with the sheriff deputy who brutally broke her arm in Missouri eviction