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PBC News & Comment: Stingrays Snoop on Trump White House

Stingray surveillance systems have been detected near White House and other capitol locations, are they hacking our Dear Tweeter’s smartphone?...--read the report here

--departing from historic practices, again, Trump tweets about job growth before numbers are released

--Trump officially un-cancels Singapore summit with Kim Jong-un

--Trump’s trade war with allies angers Europeans, and likely concessions will come with bitter feelings

--Spain replaces conservative prime minster with socialist

--Italy forms new right wing populist government

--in Syria, Assad tells US to get out

--European human rights court finds Lithuania and Romania complicit in America’s rendition and torture regimes under Bush

--in new, in-depth interview, authors Stephen Vittoria and Mumia Abu Jamal talk about Murder, Incorporated an alt history of the US

--following employee protests, Google will not pursue Maven, the Pentagon program to use AI for drone targeting

--at Facebook annual meeting, Zuckerberg faces critics who have no power to remove him, due to the lopsided voting rights of the founder

--2 journalists—one American and one Pakistani—sue to be taken off the secret US “kill list”, reports Prof. Marjorie Cohn

--Iowa’s unconstitutional abortion law is blocked by federal judge

--despite Trump’s policies of zero tolerance and family splitting, March and April each had more than 50,000 arrests at border

--while Trump complains about negative media coverage, a Jeb Bush ally argues that media are too easy on 45

--California’s primary is next Tuesday, and self-funding Dems have dumped $16 million into 3 House contests

--The Intercept obtains copy of phishing email alleged to be from Russians trying to hack into voting systems