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In-Depth Interview: Co-authors Mumia Abu Jamal and Stephen Vittoria Talk About America’s True History

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Political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal and filmmaker Stephen Vittoria collaborated on Murder, Incorporated, a brutally honest account of American history.Mumia Abu Jamal is one of America’s most prolific prison inmates: he has published 9 other books and delivered thousands of radio commentaries while incarcerated in Pennsylvania.  Steve Vittoria is a filmmaker who produced the powerful documentary about Abu Jamal, Long Distance Revolutionary.  They have just published volume 1 of Murder, Incorporated which delivers an irreverent and sometimes angry revision to the mythical narrative of American history.

They re-write our history to include the genocide of native peoples, the terrorism and brutality of slavery, and the fundamental interests of the founders–which were not limited to individual liberty, rejection of the British monarchy and the expansionism of brave settlers who are featured in sanitized American history.

The authors are inspired by Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, Michael Parenti and many others who have challenged American imperialism and exceptionalism.  In this interview, we touch on a few main themes including slavery, genocide, manifest destiny and more.  The conversation with Vittoria is enhanced by several recorded comments from Abu Jamal interspersed in the podcast.  Our thanks to Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio for recording those comments.