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PBC News & Comment: Supreme Court Affirms Religious Freedom to Discriminate

In wedding cake case from Colorado, top court rules 7-2 that baker could decline order from gay couple because God says……–SCOTUS also dismisses case of pregnant immigrant teen whose abortion request was blocked by evangelicals

–former US ambassador to Russia Jack Matlock slams Russiagate hysteria, in pointed article at The Nation

McClatchy reporters expose new effort by Russia to influence American voters, but there’s not much behind the headline

–Trump repeats Giuliani claim that he can pardon himself, an assertion of dictatorial dimensions

–in another claim of absolute powers, Trump lawyers release opinion that he can attack Syria without notifying Congress

–Rep. Keith Ellison included language in NDAA that says “use of the Armed Forces against Iran is not authorized”

–21-year-old Palestinian paramedic Razan Najjar is second female killed in recent weeks by Israeli snipers

–US vetoes UN resolution on Gaza, going solo in defending Israel

–Trump is ready to give his bankruptcy lawyer and ambassador to Israel expanded power over Palestinians

–Trump’s ambassador to Germany violates protocol, advocates for conservatives to take out European leaders

–at The Guardian, Medea Benjamin and Col. Ann Wright offer 3 ways US can show goodwill to North Korea

–Democratic senators, led by Bob Menendez, list demands for Trump-Kim summit that are just about unachievable

–Glenn Greenwald notes that Democratic leaders in New Jersey and DC have cleared the way for corrupt Menendez to win another term

–5 years after Snowden confirmed dragnet surveillance, little has changed

2 stories at The Intercept make a strong case for supporting Reality Winner, but don’t acknowledge how The Intercept enabled her arrest and prosecution

–Facebook forced to admit that Zuckerberg spun the truth in hearings, didn’t admit that phone manufacturers were given user data even after 2014

–Bill Clinton spins at high velocity when asked if he owes Monica an apology

MSNBC’s Joy Reid apologizes again for old blog posts, but doesn’t blame mystery hackers