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PBC News & Comment: Bloody Anniversaries of RFK Murder and Tienamen Square

50 years after RFK assassination, second shooter theory gains ground; Mike Pompeo hypocritically tries to shame China over Tienamen deaths…–China should ask US to explain torture and rendition, or why 500 civilians were killed by US airstrikes, mostly in undeclared wars

–after a year of lies about Trump’s role in drafting deceptive statement about meeting with Veselnitskaya and other Russians, 9/11 Rudy says it was a mistake

–Paul Manafort faces bail revocation after illegal contact with witnesses using encrypted channels that were backed up on iCloud

WashPost runs curious report on Stefan Halper, until recently the secret informant for FBI investigation of Trump/Russia

–Trump now wants to split NAFTA into 2 bilateral deals

–facing embarrassment from NFL players who didn’t want to be seen with Trump, the combover cancels Superbowl party for Philly Eagles

–in signal to Trump over his violation of Iran nuclear agreement, Tehran says it is building new centrifuges

–it’s primary election day in California and 7 other states, a defining moment in hopes for Dem revival this year

–the Democratic Party “is in a murky mess” says Ross Barkan in op-ed

–DNC vice chair Rep. Keith Ellison bails on the murky mess, will run for Minnesota attorney general

–Sen. Jeff Merkely (D-OR) takes a stand for immigrant kids who’ve been separated from their parents in Brownsville, TX

–billionaire David Koch is stepping down from his corporate and political posts

–at ConsortiumNews, Roger D. Harris reports on the re-election of Maduro in Venezuela