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PBC News & Comment: In CA “Jungle Primary”, Party-picked ConservaDems Survive

After Democratic leaders interfered and undermined progressives, rich conservative challengers make “top two” in 3 contested districts in southern California…–military and intelligence veterans win key races for Democrats

–in California, Gavin Newsom handily leads governor’s race, Dianne Feinstein defeated challenger by 33 points, angry mob recalls judge who sentenced Stanford athlete in sex assault case, and 119,000 Los Angeles voters could not vote normally due to unexplained “printing error”

–at The Intercept, David Dayen exposes stealth spoiler candidate with ties to Trump, who ran as Democrat

–in Alabama, Joe Siegelman wins Dem nomination for attorney general

–our Dear Tweeter will meet with Little Rocket Man on Singapore’s Sentosa Island, your humble host has been there, offers some background

–in-depth interview with Dr. Jeffrey Kaye exposes US biowarfare on North Korea in 1950’s war

–before he goes to Asia, Trump will face angry allies at G-7 meeting in Quebec, where he’s expected to piss them off even more

–European leaders are angry with US on tariffs, and the split over Iran deal

–Trump has isolated the US, creating opportunities for Russia to woo allies

–White House and Democrats are separately scheming over VA health bill the expands privatization without providing funding, or even cost estimates

–ICE raid in Sandusky, OH grabs 100 landscape workers and leaves their kids in the lurch

–Mueller’s interception of Manafort’s encrypted text messages show that FBI is not “going dark”

–of the 60 mobile phone makers that Facebook shared your data with, 4 are Chinese and one is on a US shitlist

–in Parliament hearing, Cambridge Analytica is accused of contacts with WikiLeaks, but the claims are very weak