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In-Depth Interview: Dr. Jeff Kaye Exposes Records of US Germ Warfare in Korean War

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Dr. Jeff Kaye returns to our podcast to reveal documents showing US deployment of germ warfare–based on Japanese tactics from WWII–in the Korean War.As the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore nears, a top agenda item is a peace treaty to end the 70-year old Korean War.  Repeated US claims that POW’s were subjected to sophisticated brainwashing may have been a coverup for American biowarfare, as a way of undermining confessions from American POW’s.

In 1952, in the early stages of the Korean War, North Korea accused the United States of using biological weapons — a claim the US has always denied. Journalist and retired psychologist Jeffrey Kaye found a copy of a report by the International Scientific Commission on the issue, originally released in 1952. Its investigation concluded that the US used a number of biological weapons, including anthrax, plague, and cholera, and that the confessions of many captured American airmen provided confirmation.

Those confessions were characterized by the US as the result of torture and brainwashing, which Kaye now believes were exaggerated to discredit the biowarfare claims. He describes the events of March 25, 1952, when a swarm of fleas — later found to be infected with bubonic plague — was dropped from aircraft on the North Korean village of Kang-Sou.

Jeffrey Kaye is a retired psychologist and the author of Coverup at Guantánamo: The NCIS Investigation into the “Suicides” of Mohammed Al Hanashi and Abdul Rahman Al Amri (publisher: Jeffrey S. Kaye, PhD, 2nd edition: September 10, 2016). He has written widely about torture, asylum, and many other issues related to the US military.

This podcast was originally released at WhoWhatWhy.