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In-Depth Interview: Rich Conversation with Thomas Frank, Who Settles ’16 Bet and Flogs New Book

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Respected author and pundit Thomas Frank visits the Secret Studio, settles our bet over 2016 election, and reveals that he bailed on Yale Law School class that included SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh….Frank’s books include What’s the Matter with Kansas?, The Wrecking Crew, and most recently, Listen, Liberal!  He’s been a columnist for Harper’s and The Wall Street Journal, and now publishes at The Guardian.  His new book is a collection of great columns, Rendezvous With Oblivion: Reports From a Sinking Society.

Frank freely coughed up the $5 he’s owed PBC for the bet they made on August 1, 2016 during a podcast where Frank reported on the Democratic and Republican conventions, and accepted the wager when your humble host predicted that Trump would win.  Just before the election, Frank changed his view in a column that is in the new book, published by The Guardian hours after the results were known.

From there, we talk about a range of subjects, including how Frank debated GOP voter suppression guru Kris Kobach during their high school days in Kansas, and that Frank was accepted and enrolled in Yale Law School (where Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh would’ve been a classmate) but changed his mind on his first day on campus.

Frank offers colorful comments on many topics, from Trump’s lunacy to the failures of the Democrats.  He hasn’t seen much evidence to support the Russiagate narrative, and he shares his concerns about the future of higher education in the US.