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PBC News & Comment: Mueller Indictments Rock Trump-Putin Summit

In detailed indictment of 12 Russians working for GRU, Mueller sketches his theory of DNC hack days before Trump-Putin meeting…..--Read the 29-page indictment here

--the indictments aren’t evidence, but the narrative offers some clues and doesn’t allege collusion or coordination

--is the timing accidental, awkward, or sinister?

--details emerge of Reality Winner’s leaked document, which is reported by The Intercept with no mention of Winner or how she was burned by the outlet

--yesterday’s House Judiciary Hearing with former FBI exec Peter Strozk set new low for partisan bickering

--police in Britain report they found small bottle of Novichok in the house of Charlie Rowley, a recent alleged victim whose girlfriend died

--Trump poisoned the atmosphere during London visit, slamming PM May in Murdoch’s Sun tabloid, then denying his comments despite recording that proves he’s lying

--Netanyahu moved up his meeting with Putin, looking to restrain Iran in Syria, before Trump gets to the Russian leader

--former rebel leader of Catalonia can be extradited to Spain, German court rules

--one of Trump’s trade war generals, Steve Mnuchin, gets blasted by members of both parties for the arbitrary tariffs imposed and lack of strategy

--Microsoft seems to fear Facebook, asks Congress to regulate facial recognition systems

--in surprise move, Justice Dept appeals merger of A T & T with Time Warner

--with another corruption conviction of a Cuomo ally in Albany, can Gov. Andy stay above the fray?