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PBC News & Comment: Mueller Indictments Rock Trump-Putin Summit

In detailed indictment of 12 Russians working for GRU, Mueller sketches his theory of DNC hack days before Trump-Putin meeting…..–Read the 29-page indictment here

–the indictments aren’t evidence, but the narrative offers some clues and doesn’t allege collusion or coordination

–is the timing accidental, awkward, or sinister?

–details emerge of Reality Winner’s leaked document, which is reported by The Intercept with no mention of Winner or how she was burned by the outlet

–yesterday’s House Judiciary Hearing with former FBI exec Peter Strozk set new low for partisan bickering

–police in Britain report they found small bottle of Novichok in the house of Charlie Rowley, a recent alleged victim whose girlfriend died

–Trump poisoned the atmosphere during London visit, slamming PM May in Murdoch’s Sun tabloid, then denying his comments despite recording that proves he’s lying

–Netanyahu moved up his meeting with Putin, looking to restrain Iran in Syria, before Trump gets to the Russian leader

–former rebel leader of Catalonia can be extradited to Spain, German court rules

–one of Trump’s trade war generals, Steve Mnuchin, gets blasted by members of both parties for the arbitrary tariffs imposed and lack of strategy

–Microsoft seems to fear Facebook, asks Congress to regulate facial recognition systems

–in surprise move, Justice Dept appeals merger of A T & T with Time Warner

–with another corruption conviction of a Cuomo ally in Albany, can Gov. Andy stay above the fray?