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PBC News & Comment: Trump Hammered for “Treason” After Putin Meeting

After meeting with Putin in Helsinki, Trump’s blasted by members of both parties for “treason”, conveniently framed by Mueller indictments….–while Trump is a huge embarrassment, and does undermine US interests in many ways, the media firestorm here has a huge political component

–Putin offers several denials of Russian interference, and offers to let Mueller interview the suspects named in the indictment, if US reciprocates

–in reaction to Mueller’s Firday the 13th indictments, Joe Lauria and Ray McGovern/Bill Binney offer strong comments at ConsortiumNews

–at The Intercept, James Risen prematurely says “I told you so”

–based on anonymous sources, NY Times says British investigators blame GRU for alleged Novichok incidents in England

The Times is one of 3 media outlets offered a peak by Israel at 15-year-old documents stolen from Iran

–violence escalates as Israel pounds Gaza in retaliation for rocket launches

–Netanyahu supports apartheid law that even outrages some Zionists

–investigative reporter and author Yasha Levine shows that Electronic Frontier Foundation fights government—but not corporate—surveillance in new interview