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In-Depth Interview: Yasha Levine Says Electronic Frontier Foundation Fights Government Surveillance, Goes Easy on Data Collection by Tech Giants

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Investigative reporter Yasha Levine goes deep on Electronic Frontier Foundation, finds staunch opposition to government spying, not so much on corporate data collection….Levine has appeached frequently on this podcast, and returns to talk about his detailed article in The Baffler, All Effed Up.

Referenced by the outrage over Cambridge Analytica’s use of the personal data of millions of Facebook users and the FBI’s battle to crack open the iPhone of the suspected San Bernardino shooter, Levine shows that EFF gets very active in campaigning against government surveillance of our communications.  He notes several cases where EFF was silent on privacy issues, especially during and after the launch of Gmail in 2004.

Levine takes us back to the founding of EFF in 1990 by John Perry Barlow and Mitch Kapor, and describes EFF as a lobbying operation for the “lords of the internet”–who aren’t concerned with the privacy of users who generate the content and personal data that Google and Facebook profit from.