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PBC News & Comment: Trump Slammed by Dems, Media, and Some Republicans

Russiagate noose tightens as media, Democrats and some Republicans offer false binary choices: believe Putin or the US intelligence community….–common refrain is “Russia is not our friend”, as 27 GOP senators pledge allegiance to Intel community, for many the first separation from Trump

Vice shows its alliance with Deep State actors in tone of its coverage and fakes “balance” with dismissive interview of Cohen and Mearsheimer

–Chris Wallace of Fox “News” asked Putin some tough questions

–listener Faith Peeples tipped us to Disobedient Media’s careful analysis of the latest Mueller indictment

–accused Russian agent Maria Butina is in custody, but not subject of Mueller investigation, suspected of linking Putin to NRA

–the Netanyahu apartheid law mentioned yesterday here drew protests in Israel last weekend, prompting revisions

–FCC chair Ajit Pai, who changed the rules to grease the Sinclair expansion, now has some doubts

–California Democrats overwhelmingly endorsed Sen. Feinstein’s challenger, Kevin de Leon

–while national Dems are opposing Brett Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS nomination over abortion rights, many Dem candidates avoid the topic