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PBC News & Comment: When Damage Control Does More Damage

Trump’s clumsy effort to amend his comment in Helsinki backfires, as he can’t keep to script or admit to mistakes….–Trump compounds his contradictions with new comment that “Russia is no longer targeting US

–even “Fox & Friends” gently scolded the Dear Tweeter

–has Helsinki really caused the GOP “dam to break” ? Probably not.

–in interview with Chris Wallace, Putin showed detailed knowledge of the emails that exposed DNC rigging primaries for Clinton

Daily Beast runs biased, snarky report that adds new info to FBI investigation of DNC servers

–Maria Butina is denied bail, as feds—not Mueller—paint portrait of active Russian spy who cozied up to NRA, Trumpers

–at Buzzfeed, Jason Leopold shares NSA memo warning employees not to respond to Trump’s taunts and tweets

–Inter-American Court rules that England must allow Julian Assange safe passage to Ecuador

–2-part podcast interview series focuses on prosecutorial misconduct and the wrongful convictions they produce. Part 1: Nina Morrison of the Innocence Project

–infighting among federal death penalty prosecutors leads to exposure of more misconduct

–little-noticed Supreme Court decision could upend thousands of deportations cases, reports LA Times columnist Robin Abcarian

–in longshot suit, Iran takes US to court over Trump’s breach of nuclear deal

–Kevin Gosztola reports that judge in Reality Winner case got pissed over billboard that challenged the prosecution of the NSA contractor

–Google draws $5 billion fine in EU antitrust case

–in the “whatever” war in Afghanistan, suicide bomber kills 20 as US sends feelers to Taliban for peace talks

–House GOP members propose $5 billion for The Wall and stuff

–House Dems form Medicare for All caucus