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PBC News & Comment: When Damage Control Does More Damage

Trump’s clumsy effort to amend his comment in Helsinki backfires, as he can’t keep to script or admit to mistakes….--Trump compounds his contradictions with new comment that “Russia is no longer targeting US

--even “Fox & Friends” gently scolded the Dear Tweeter

--has Helsinki really caused the GOP “dam to break” ? Probably not.

--in interview with Chris Wallace, Putin showed detailed knowledge of the emails that exposed DNC rigging primaries for Clinton

--Daily Beast runs biased, snarky report that adds new info to FBI investigation of DNC servers

--Maria Butina is denied bail, as feds—not Mueller—paint portrait of active Russian spy who cozied up to NRA, Trumpers

--at Buzzfeed, Jason Leopold shares NSA memo warning employees not to respond to Trump’s taunts and tweets

--Inter-American Court rules that England must allow Julian Assange safe passage to Ecuador

--2-part podcast interview series focuses on prosecutorial misconduct and the wrongful convictions they produce. Part 1: Nina Morrison of the Innocence Project

--infighting among federal death penalty prosecutors leads to exposure of more misconduct

--little-noticed Supreme Court decision could upend thousands of deportations cases, reports LA Times columnist Robin Abcarian

--in longshot suit, Iran takes US to court over Trump’s breach of nuclear deal

--Kevin Gosztola reports that judge in Reality Winner case got pissed over billboard that challenged the prosecution of the NSA contractor

--Google draws $5 billion fine in EU antitrust case

--in the “whatever” war in Afghanistan, suicide bomber kills 20 as US sends feelers to Taliban for peace talks

--House GOP members propose $5 billion for The Wall and stuff

--House Dems form Medicare for All caucus