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PBC News & Comment: Manafort Takes Deal as Senate Dems Hammer Kavanaugh

As expected, Paul Manafort pleads guilty, will cooperate with Mueller; Dems pop late hit, surprise sex assault claim on Kavanaugh….--in reminder of late hit on Clarence Thomas, Sen. Feinstein reveals letter she’s had for months, claiming Kavanaugh was involved in sex assault in high school

--Sen. Leahy says Kavanaugh wasn’t truthful in multiple hearings under oath

--The Intercept alleges that Facebook suppressed report by Ian Milhiser—offering proof he is anti-abortion—after Weekly Standard said it was false

--Manafort’s deal leaves Trump paranoid and alone, but so far we have no idea of what evidence of Russian involvement Manafort might have on Trump

--3 legal experts, including lawyer on Starr investigation who worked with Kavanaugh demand release of “Watergate road map”

--Michael Avenatti makes the case for grand jury indictments of Trump

--as Florence becomes a killer hurricane, Trump is victim of his own tweets claiming a great job in Puerto Rico after Maria and disputed death toll

--primary elections are over, as Cuomo crushes Nixon in New York governor’s race and new wave of women run for office

--pressure surge in gas lines blow up dozens of homes in northern Massachusetts

--Crown Prince Jared Kushner says punishing Palestinians for rejecting undefined peace plan strips away “false realities”

--at the Vatican, sex crimes and coverups lead to resignation of W. Virginia bishop as new charges are made about corruption in Sistine Chapel choir

--the 2 Russian men accused by Britain of Skripal poisoning say they were just tourists

--Holland expelled Russians over alleged plot to hack labs that did Novichok testing

--in Spain, Parliament votes to exhume Generalissimo Francisco Franco