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In-Depth Interview: Marine Vet of Afghan War Warns of Democratic Shift to Pro-War Stance

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Lyle Jeremy Rubin joins me to discuss his insightful recent essay in The Nation, arguing that the 2016 Clinton campaign and Russiagate have led Democratic leaders to more hawkish positions.Rubin served 5 years in the Marines, including an eye-opening tour of Afghanistan, and is now a PhD candidate in History at the University of Rochester.  Read his well-written commentary here. Find links to all of his writing here.

Rubin explains that 9/11 led him to support military action as a student at Emory University in Atlanta.  Touching on the 9/11 narrative, Rubin says he’s not a “truther” but acknowledges how 9/11 was used to enable the misguided invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Serving as a signals intelligence officer in Afghanistan changed his perspectives.  He says there was no clear mission, and relates witnessing the massacre of a hamlet by US forces.  And when he returned home, he found “progressive” media personalities like Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell hosting the neocons who were responsible for Bush-era policies who now are part of the “resistance” against Trump.

Rubin is equally critical of Obama, Clinton and Trump policies in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan, and warns of serious consequences from the elevation of proven liars like John Brennan and James Clapper to the role of wise statesmen.  He also comments on Israel’s impact on US foreign policy, and notes that Israel is now arming neo-Nazis in Ukraine at the behest of the US.

Rubin offers a compelling analysis from a veteran trying to warn Americans of the dangerous trend he identifies, and we encourage you to share this widely.