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PBC News & Comment: Greg Palast Exposes Massive Voter Purge in Georgia

In Georgia, 1 in 10 voters were purged after caging scheme, the deadline to re-register is tomorrow, Tuesday October 9….--Georgia voters can check the list of purged voters on Palast’s website here

--alarming, earth-shattering new climate report from UN group

--new podcast at WhoWhatWhy looks at the true costs of fracking

--Brazil election advances Trumpish Jair Bolsonaro, who wants to exit Paris accord and shift Brazil to the right

Last week, two high-profile people were reported missing:

--journalist and former aide to Saudi leaders Jamal Khashoggi disappeared after entering Saudi consulate in Istanbul, is believed to be dead

--after days of silence, China reports it has arrested the chief of Interpol, Meng Hongwei, on bribery charges

--Facebook wants us to know it’s fighting TrumpCo demands for content from 3 activists, including an organizer of J20 inauguration protests

--still reeling from hack of 50 million users, Facebook announces new Portal device with advanced home surveillance capabilities

--Google is shutting down most Google+ services, after discovery of software bug that allowed outside developers to get personal data

--Rep. Jerrold Nadler, who will chair House Judiciary if Dems take control, promises to investigate Brett Kavanaugh

--Free Speech for People launches campaign to impeach Kavanaugh

--Trump slams the idea of impeachment, and hopes it will help GOP in midterms

--the GodSquad celebrated the sordid, un-Christian confirmation of St. Brett

--analysts note that Kavanaugh joins Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch and Sam Alito as justices confirmed by senators who represented a minority of voters

--outbound White House Counsel Don McGhan directed this film noir

--Sen. Susan Collins used a pile of rationalizations and intellectual gibberish to support her “yes” vote

--at ConsortiumNews, legal expert Marjorie Cohn lists 5 areas of law that Kavanaugh will impact

--Willie Brown, former SF mayor and longtime ladies’ man, is the wrong guy to weigh in on the angry male voter

--listener and whistleblower Linda Lewis has some astute comments

--West Virginia radio host Bob Kincaid makes the case for voting for detestable Joe Manchin despite his vote for Kavanaugh