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PBC News & Comment: Trump Declares Kavanaugh “Innocent”

In tawdry photo op with former Justice Kennedy, Trump apologizes to Kavanaugh and rewrites confirmation hearings as “hoax” by Democrats….–in fresh in-depth interview, John Bonifaz argues for impeachment of Kavanaugh for perjury in 2004, 2006 and 2018

–at The Intercept, Eoin Higgins makes a good point: Obama’s refusal to prosecute Bush-era war criminals enabled promotions of Kavanaugh and CIA’s Haspel

–in surprise move, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley resigns

–as Trump ignores alarming UN climate report, Dutch appeals court upholds ruling to accelerate carbon reductions

–tensions between Turkey and Saudi Arabia grow over missing journalist Jamal Khashoggi, amid suspicion he was murdered at Saudi consulate in Istanbul

NY Times uses Bellingcat, a dubious news outlet, to identify suspects in Skripal poisoning

–Greg Palast issues new voter purge alert for Indiana on last day for registration

–the accusations against Keith Ellison by former girlfriend are hard to evaluate

–Bill and Hillary Clinton plan arena tour to tell stories, pocket millions

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola reports on more bad treatment of Reality Winner on a circuitous route to her new prison home in Texas

–in bold move that breaks ranks with San Francisco tech moguls, Marc Benioff says “Tax me!” to pay for homeless programs