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In-Depth Interview: John Bonifaz Makes the Case for Impeachment of Brett Kavanaugh

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John Bonifaz, co-author of book about impeaching Trump, explains why newly confirmed Justice Brett Kavanaugh should be impeached for repeated perjury.Bonifaz is co-founder of Free Speech for People, which is running nonpartisan campaigns supporting impeachment of President Trump, and now, his Supreme Court appointee, Kavanaugh.  With Ron Fein and Ben Clements, Bonifaz recently published The Constitution Demands It: The Case for Impeaching Donald Trump.  After Kavanaugh lied under oath in September about stolen Democratic documents, they launched

In this conversation, Bonifaz reacts to the White House swearing-in ceremony, where Trump proclaimed Kavanaugh’s innocence despite plenty of proof of his perjury.  He comments on the weak efforts in the FBI background checks–before and after we heard from Christine Blasey Ford, and criticizes Republican senators for willful denial of obvious lies by their nominee.

Bonifaz also criticizes Democratic Sens. Feinstein and Leahy for presenting strong evidence of Kavanaugh’s perjury, while failing to accurately call it perjury or lying.

You can visit the Kavanaugh impeachment site here.

Watch and listen to the tune that’s gone viral, A Scary Time, here.  Thanks to our listener, Fred, for sending the link!