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PBC News & Comment: Enemies Trump and Cruz Unite Over Hate and Fear

At Houston mob rally, Trump and Cruz hug, and embrace divisive policies built on a mountain of lies and demagoguery…..--Trump promises quick tax cuts for middle class, seemingly unaware that Congress is in recess

--new study shows sharp rise in Islamaphobic campaign themes, pushed by desperate Republicans

--Trump repeats false claims about “Middle Easterners” in migrant caravan, and Mike Pence gets caught in a whopper of a lie

--US Cyber Command reveals offensive operations against Russia aimed at securing midterm elections

--John Bolton comments on claims of Russian meddling in 2016, as he meets with Putin and threatens US withdrawal from 1987 arms control treaty

--corporate media ignored Women’s March on the Pentagon last Sunday, but Joe Lauria covered it at ConsortiumNews

--after promising “naked truth” about Saudi murder of Khashoggi, Turkey’s Erdogan avoids nudity, adds new details, and targets the Crown Prince

--Saudi cover story of “rendition gone wrong” neuters US moral outrage, and the bungled assassination risks Israel’s agenda to confront Iran

--Bush crime family consigliere James Baker advises tough talk and reassurance to Saudis of continuity

--Sen. Elizabeth Warren demands investigation into American mercenary group that was hired by UAE to assassinate targets in Yemen

--in sobering analysis, WSWS reporter Patrick Martin identifies bipartisan agenda of war and entitlement cuts

--San Francisco judge gives $200 million gift to Monsanto, while upholding jury verdict in Roundup cancer case

--in Colorado, voters may limit future fracking with ballot measure

--in California, opponents of Prop 10 rent control measure use worker pension funds to pay for deceptive ads opposing Prop 10