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PBC News & Comment: Enemies Trump and Cruz Unite Over Hate and Fear

At Houston mob rally, Trump and Cruz hug, and embrace divisive policies built on a mountain of lies and demagoguery…..–Trump promises quick tax cuts for middle class, seemingly unaware that Congress is in recess

new study shows sharp rise in Islamaphobic campaign themes, pushed by desperate Republicans

–Trump repeats false claims about “Middle Easterners” in migrant caravan, and Mike Pence gets caught in a whopper of a lie

–US Cyber Command reveals offensive operations against Russia aimed at securing midterm elections

–John Bolton comments on claims of Russian meddling in 2016, as he meets with Putin and threatens US withdrawal from 1987 arms control treaty

–corporate media ignored Women’s March on the Pentagon last Sunday, but Joe Lauria covered it at ConsortiumNews

–after promising “naked truth” about Saudi murder of Khashoggi, Turkey’s Erdogan avoids nudity, adds new details, and targets the Crown Prince

–Saudi cover story of “rendition gone wrong” neuters US moral outrage, and the bungled assassination risks Israel’s agenda to confront Iran

–Bush crime family consigliere James Baker advises tough talk and reassurance to Saudis of continuity

–Sen. Elizabeth Warren demands investigation into American mercenary group that was hired by UAE to assassinate targets in Yemen

–in sobering analysis, WSWS reporter Patrick Martin identifies bipartisan agenda of war and entitlement cuts

–San Francisco judge gives $200 million gift to Monsanto, while upholding jury verdict in Roundup cancer case

–in Colorado, voters may limit future fracking with ballot measure

–in California, opponents of Prop 10 rent control measure use worker pension funds to pay for deceptive ads opposing Prop 10